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18 Surely Thou didst set them in slippery places; Thou castedst them down into mashu’ot (ruins, destruction).

19 How are they brought into desolation, as in a rega (moment)! They are utterly consumed with balahot (terrors).

20 As a chalom when one awaketh; so, Adonoi, when Thou art aroused [in judgment], Thou shalt despise their tzelem (shadowy form).

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18 Surely you place them on slippery ground;(A)
    you cast them down to ruin.(B)
19 How suddenly(C) are they destroyed,
    completely swept away(D) by terrors!
20 They are like a dream(E) when one awakes;(F)
    when you arise, Lord,
    you will despise them as fantasies.(G)

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