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30 Anger and a hot temper are horrible things, but sinners have both. 28 The Lord is taking note of your sins, and if you take vengeance on someone, the Lord will take vengeance on you. (A)But if you forgive someone who has wronged you, your sins will be forgiven when you pray. You cannot expect the Lord to pardon you while you are holding a grudge against someone else. You yourself are a sinner, and if you won't forgive another person, you have no right to pray that the Lord will forgive your sins. If you cannot get rid of your anger, you have no hope of forgiveness—you are only a human being. Think about it! Some day you will die, and your body will decay. So give up hate and live by the Lord's commands, the commands in the covenant of the Most High. Instead of getting upset over your neighbor's faults, overlook them.

Anger and Vengeance

30 Anger and wrath, these also are abominations,
    yet a sinner holds on to them.
28 The vengeful will face the Lord’s vengeance,
    for he keeps a strict account of[a] their sins.
Forgive your neighbor the wrong he has done,
    and then your sins will be pardoned when you pray.
Does anyone harbor anger against another,
    and expect healing from the Lord?
If one has no mercy toward another like himself,
    can he then seek pardon for his own sins?
If a mere mortal harbors wrath,
    who will make an atoning sacrifice for his sins?
Remember the end of your life, and set enmity aside;
    remember corruption and death, and be true to the commandments.
Remember the commandments, and do not be angry with your neighbor;
    remember the covenant of the Most High, and overlook faults.


  1. Sirach 28:1 Other ancient authorities read for he firmly establishes

30 Wrath and anger, these also are abominations,
    yet a sinner holds on to them.

Chapter 28

The vengeful will face the Lord’s vengeance;
    indeed he remembers their sins in detail.(A)

Forgive your neighbor the wrong done to you;
    then when you pray, your own sins will be forgiven.(B)
Does anyone nourish anger against another
    and expect healing from the Lord?(C)
Can one refuse mercy to a sinner like oneself,
    yet seek pardon for one’s own sins?
If a mere mortal cherishes wrath,
    who will forgive his sins?
Remember your last days and set enmity aside;
    remember death and decay, and cease from sin!(D)
Remember the commandments and do not be angry with your neighbor;
    remember the covenant of the Most High, and overlook faults.

30 A mischievous counsel shall be rolled back upon the author, and he shall not know from whence it cometh to him.

31 Mockery and reproach are of the proud, and vengeance as a lion shall lie in wait for him.

32 They shall perish in a snare that are delighted with the fall of the just: and sorrow shall consume them before they die.

33 Anger and fury are both of them abominable, and the sinful man shall be subject to them.

28 He that seeketh to revenge himself, shall find vengeance from the Lord, and he will surely keep his sins in remembrance.

Forgive thy neighbour if he hath hurl thee: and then shall thy sins be forgiven to thee when thou prayest.

Man to man reserveth anger, and doth he seek remedy of God?

He hath no mercy on a man like himself, and doth he entreat for his own sins?

He that is but flesh, nourisheth anger, and doth he ask forgiveness of God? who shall obtain pardon for his sins?

Remember thy last things, and let enmity cease:

For corruption and death hang over in his commandments.