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Love thou not jealously the woman of thy bosom; lest she show on thee the malice of evil doctrine. [Be thou not jealous to the woman of thy bosom; lest she show upon thee the malice of shrewd (or depraved) doctrine.]

Give thou not to a woman the power of (or over) thy soul; lest she enter in thy virtue, and thou be shamed [or be confounded].

Behold thou not a woman of many wills (or desires), that coveteth now this man, now that man; lest peradventure thou fall into the snares of her.

Be thou not customable with a danceress [or with a leaperess, or (a) tumbler], neither hire thou her; lest peradventure thou perish in the speedy work of her.

Behold thou not a virgin [or a maiden]; lest peradventure thou be caused to stumble in (or by) the fairness of her.

Give thou not thy soul to whores in anything; lest thou lose thee, and thy soul, and thine heritage (or lest thou destroy thyself, and thy soul, and thy inheritance).

Do not thou behold about in the lanes of the city; neither err thou in the large streets thereof. [Do thou not behold about in the ways of the city; nor err thou about in the streets of it.]

Turn away thy face from a woman well arrayed; and behold thou not about the fairness of another or of another man’s wife. Many men have perished for the fairness of a woman; and thereby covetousness [or lust] burneth on high as fire/and thereby concupiscence burneth out as fire. Each woman which is an whore, either customable to fornication, shall be defouled as a fen, or a turd, in the way [or Each woman that is lecherous, as a thost (or dung) in the way shall be trodden]. Many men wondering on the fairness of an alien woman were made reprovable, for why the speech of her burneth on high as fire.

Sit thou not in any manner with an alien woman, neither rest thou with her on a bed; and jangle thou not with her in wine, lest peradventure thine heart bow into her, and thou fall into perdition by thy blood. [With an alien woman utterly sit thou not, nor lie thou with her upon the arm; and strive thou not with her in wine, lest peradventure she bow down thine heart into her, and by thy blood thou slide into perdition.]

10 Forsake thou not an eld friend; for a new friend shall not be like him. New wine is (like) a new friend; (after) it shall wax eld, and (then) thou shalt drink it with sweetness. [Forsake thou not an old friend; forsooth the new shall not be like to him. New wine a new friend; it shall wax old, and with sweetness thou shalt drink it.]

11 Covet thou not the glory and riches of a sinner; for thou knowest not, what destroying of him shall come. [Love thou not the glory and riches of the sinner; forsooth thou knowest not, what be to come (of) the turning upside-down of him.]

12 The wrong of unjust men please not thee, and know thou that a wicked man shall not please till to hells (or unto the grave). [Please not to thee the wrong of unrightwise men, witting for unto hell the unpious shall not (be able to) please.]

13 Be thou far from a man that hath power to slay, that is, from a cruel tyrant, and thou shalt not have suspicion of the dread of death; and if thou nighest (or approachest) to him, do not thou do any trespass, lest peradventure he take away thy life. Know thou the communing of death; for thou shalt enter into the midst of snares, and thou shalt go on the armours, (or the arms, or the weapons), of them that sorrow. [Afar be thou away from a man having power of slaying, and not of rearing, and thou shalt not over-trust the dread of death; and if thou nighest to him, do thou not anything do amiss, lest peradventure he take away thy life. The communion of death know thou; for in the middle of grins (or snares) thou shalt go in, and upon the arms of men sorrowing thou shalt go.]

14 By thy virtue keep thee (away) from thy neighbour that may speak against thee to a tyrant; and treat thou with wise men and prudent men.

15 Just men be guests, or meat-frères, (or meal companions), to thee; and thy glorying be in the dread of God. [Rightwise men be they to thee meat-fellows; and in the dread of God be to thee glorying.]

16 And the thought of God be to thee in wit, that is, apply thy wit to think on God; and all thy telling be in the behests (or about the commands) of the Highest. [And in the wit be to thee thinking of God; and all thy telling-out in the behests of the Highest.]

17 Works shall be praised in (or from) the hand of craftsmen, and the prince of the people in the wisdom of his word; forsooth in the wit of elder men a word shall be praised. [In the hand of craftsmen works shall be praised, and the prince of a people in wisdom of his sermon; in the wit forsooth of elders a word.]

18 A man, a jangler is dreadful in his city; and a fool-hardy man in his word shall be hateful. [Fearful is in his city a tonguey man; and the fool-hardy in his word hateful shall be.]