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14 Blessed is the man who does not blunder with his lips
    and need not suffer grief for sin.
Blessed is he whose heart does not condemn him,
    and who has not given up his hope.

Responsible Use of Wealth

Riches are not seemly for a stingy man;
    and of what use is property to an envious man?
Whoever accumulates by depriving himself, accumulates for others;
    and others will live in luxury on his goods.
If a man is mean to himself, to whom will he be generous?
    He will not enjoy his own riches.
No one is meaner than the man who is grudging to himself,
    and this is the retribution for his baseness;
even if he does good, he does it unintentionally,
    and betrays his baseness in the end.
Evil is the man with a grudging eye;
    he averts his face and disregards people.
A greedy man’s eye is not satisfied with a portion,
    and mean injustice withers the soul.
10 A stingy man’s eye begrudges bread,
    and it is lacking at his table.

11 My son, treat yourself well, according to your means,
    and present worthy offerings to the Lord.
12 Remember that death will not delay,
    and the decree[a] of Hades has not been shown to you.
13 Do good to a friend before you die,
    and reach out and give to him as much as you can.
14 Do not deprive yourself of a happy day;
    let not your share of desired good pass by you.
15 Will you not leave the fruit of your labors to another,
    and what you acquired by toil to be divided by lot?
16 Give, and take, and beguile yourself,
    because in Hades one cannot look for luxury.
17 All living beings become old like a garment,
    for the decree[b] from of old is, “You must surely die!”
18 Like flourishing leaves on a spreading tree
    which sheds some and puts forth others,
so are the generations of flesh and blood:
    one dies and another is born.
19 Every product decays and ceases to exist,
    and the man who made it will pass away with it.

The Happiness of Seeking Wisdom

20 Blessed is the man who meditates on[c] wisdom
    and who reasons intelligently.
21 He who reflects in his mind on her ways
    will also ponder her secrets.
22 Pursue wisdom[d] like a hunter,
    and lie in wait on her paths.
23 He who peers through her windows
    will also listen at her doors;
24 he who encamps near her house
    will also fasten his tent peg to her walls;
25 he will pitch his tent near her,
    and will lodge in an excellent lodging place;
26 he will place his children under her shelter,
    and will camp under her boughs;
27 he will be sheltered by her from the heat,
    and will dwell in the midst of her glory.


  1. Sirach 14:12 Gk covenant
  2. Sirach 14:17 Gk covenant
  3. Sirach 14:20 Other authorities read dies in
  4. Sirach 14:22 Gk her

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