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10 And after Avimelech there arose to save Yisroel Tolah ben Puah ben Dodo, an ish Yissakhar; and he dwelt in Shamir in har Ephrayim.

And he judged Yisroel twenty and three shanah, and died, and was buried in Shamir.

And after him arose Yair, a Gileadi, and judged Yisroel twenty and two shanah.

And he had shloshim banim that rode on shloshim donkeys, and they had shloshim towns, which are called Chavvot Yair unto this day, which are in Eretz Gil‘ad.

And Yair died, and was buried in Kamon.

And the Bnei Yisroel did evil again in the sight of Hashem, and served Baalim, and Ashtarot, and the elohei Aram, and the elohei Tzidon, and the elohei Moav, and the elohei Bnei Ammon, and the elohei Pelishtim, and forsook Hashem, and served Him not.

And the Af Hashem was hot against Yisroel, and He sold them into the yad Pelishtim (Philistines), and into the yad Bnei Ammon.

And that year they oppressed and persecuted the Bnei Yisroel; eighteen shanah, all the Bnei Yisroel that were on the other side of the Yarden in the Eretz Emori, which is in Gil‘ad.

Moreover the Bnei Ammon passed over Yarden to fight also against Yehudah, and against Binyamin, and against the Bais Ephrayim; so that Yisroel was greatly distressed.

10 And the Bnei Yisroel cried unto Hashem, saying, We have sinned against Thee, both because we have forsaken Eloheinu, and also served Baalim.

11 And Hashem said unto the Bnei Yisroel, Did not I deliver you from Mitzrayim, and from Emori, from the Bnei Ammon, and from the Pelishtim (Philistines)?

12 The Tzidonim also, and the Amalek, and the Maon, did oppress you; and ye cried out to Me, and I saved you out of their yad.

13 Yet ye have forsaken Me, and served elohim acherim; so I will not continue to save you.

14 Go and cry unto the elohim which ye have chosen; let them deliver you in the time of your tribulation.

15 And the Bnei Yisroel said unto Hashem, Chatanu (we have sinned); do Thou unto us whatsoever seemeth hatov unto Thee; only save us, now, this day.

16 And they put away the elohei hanekhar (strange, foreign g-ds) from among them, and served Hashem; and His nefesh was troubled with the amal Yisroel (misery of Yisroel).

17 Then the Bnei Ammon were gathered together, and encamped in Gil‘ad. And the Bnei Yisroel assembled themselves together, and encamped in Mitzpah.

18 And HaAm and the Sarei Gil‘ad said one to another, What man is he that will begin to fight against the Bnei Ammon? He shall be Rosh over all the inhabitants of Gil‘ad.


10 After the time of Abimelek,(A) a man of Issachar(B) named Tola son of Puah,(C) the son of Dodo, rose to save(D) Israel. He lived in Shamir,(E) in the hill country of Ephraim. He led[a] Israel twenty-three years; then he died, and was buried in Shamir.


He was followed by Jair(F) of Gilead, who led Israel twenty-two years. He had thirty sons, who rode thirty donkeys.(G) They controlled thirty towns in Gilead, which to this day are called Havvoth Jair.[b](H) When Jair(I) died, he was buried in Kamon.


Again the Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord.(J) They served the Baals and the Ashtoreths,(K) and the gods of Aram,(L) the gods of Sidon,(M) the gods of Moab, the gods of the Ammonites(N) and the gods of the Philistines.(O) And because the Israelites forsook the Lord(P) and no longer served him, he became angry(Q) with them. He sold them(R) into the hands of the Philistines and the Ammonites, who that year shattered and crushed them. For eighteen years they oppressed all the Israelites on the east side of the Jordan in Gilead,(S) the land of the Amorites. The Ammonites also crossed the Jordan to fight against Judah,(T) Benjamin and Ephraim;(U) Israel was in great distress. 10 Then the Israelites cried(V) out to the Lord, “We have sinned(W) against you, forsaking our God and serving the Baals.”(X)

11 The Lord replied, “When the Egyptians,(Y) the Amorites,(Z) the Ammonites,(AA) the Philistines,(AB) 12 the Sidonians, the Amalekites(AC) and the Maonites[c](AD) oppressed you(AE) and you cried to me for help, did I not save you from their hands? 13 But you have forsaken(AF) me and served other gods,(AG) so I will no longer save you. 14 Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. Let them save(AH) you when you are in trouble!(AI)

15 But the Israelites said to the Lord, “We have sinned. Do with us whatever you think best,(AJ) but please rescue us now.” 16 Then they got rid of the foreign gods among them and served the Lord.(AK) And he could bear Israel’s misery(AL) no longer.(AM)

17 When the Ammonites were called to arms and camped in Gilead, the Israelites assembled and camped at Mizpah.(AN) 18 The leaders of the people of Gilead said to each other, “Whoever will take the lead in attacking the Ammonites will be head(AO) over all who live in Gilead.”


  1. Judges 10:2 Traditionally judged; also in verse 3
  2. Judges 10:4 Or called the settlements of Jair
  3. Judges 10:12 Hebrew; some Septuagint manuscripts Midianites