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Shmuel Alef 28:17-19 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

17 And Hashem hath done for Himself just as He spoke by me; for Hashem hath torn the Mamlachah out of thine yad, and given it to thy re’a (neighbor), even to Dovid:

18 Because thou obeyedst not the kol (voice) of Hashem, nor executedst His charon af upon Amalek, therefore hath Hashem done this thing unto thee this day.

19 Moreover Hashem will also deliver Yisroel with thee into the yad (hand, power) of the Pelishtim; and makhar (tomorrow) shalt thou and thy banim be with me; Hashem also shall deliver the machaneh Yisroel into the yad Pelishtim.

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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