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28 For the Lord Yahweh[a] will act
    and carry out his word on the earth,
    and waste no time to accomplish it![b]

29 Just as Isaiah saw it coming and prophesied:

If the Lord God of angel armies[c]
    had not left us a remnant,[d]
    we would have been destroyed like Sodom
    and left desolate like Gomorrah!

Israel’s Unbelief

30 So then, what does all this mean? Here’s the irony: The non-Jewish people, who weren’t even pursuing righteousness, were the ones who seized it—a perfect righteousness that is transferred by faith.

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  1. Romans 9:28 As translated from the Aramaic, “Lord YHWH.”
  2. Romans 9:28 Or “cutting it short,” a Greek word found only here in the New Testament. See Isa. 10:23.
  3. Romans 9:29 As translated from the Aramaic, “Lord YHWH of hosts” (of angel armies).
  4. Romans 9:29 Or “descendants.” See Isa. 1:9.