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28 for gar the Lord kyrios will carry out poieō his sentence logos on epi the ho earth , thoroughly synteleō and kai without syntemnō delay .” 29 And kai as kathōs Isaiah ēsaias predicted, “ If ei the Lord kyrios of hosts Sabaōth had not left enkataleipō to us hēmeis descendants sperma, we ginomai would an have become ginomai like hōs Sodom Sodoma, and kai would an have resembled homoioō Gomorrah Gomorra.”

30 What tis then oun shall we say legō?— that hoti the Gentiles ethnos who ho did not pursue diōkō righteousness dikaiosynē have obtained katalambanō it dikaiosynē, the righteousness dikaiosynē · de that ho is by ek faith pistis;

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