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28 For the Lord will accomplish[a] His word upon the earth, completing[b] and cutting-short[c]” [in Isa 10:22-23]. 29 And just as Isaiah said-before [in Isa 1:9]: “Unless the Lord of Sabaoth had left-behind a seed for us, we would have become like Sodom, and we would have been likened[d] as Gomorrah”.

Israel Pursued a Righteousness Through The Law, And Did Not Attain It

30 Therefore, what shall we say? That Gentiles, the ones not pursuing righteousness, took-hold-of [e] righteousness— but a righteousness by faith.

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  1. Romans 9:28 Or more specifically, execute His sentence; less specifically, carry-out the matter.
  2. Romans 9:28 That is, completing the judgment; or, carrying-out His word; or, closing the account.
  3. Romans 9:28 Or, cutting-down, cutting-off. Paul may mean cutting-short the nation, cutting it down to the remnant; or, cutting short the time, ‘quickly’.
  4. Romans 9:29 That is, we would have been used as an illustration of desolation, like Gomorrah.
  5. Romans 9:30 Or, took possession of, seized.