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21 Has echō the ho potter kerameus no ou right exousia to make poieō from ek the ho same autos lump phyrama of ho clay pēlos some hos men pottery skeuos for eis a special timē occasion and de other hos for eis common atimia use? 22 What de if ei God theos, willing thelō · ho to display endeiknymi his ho wrath orgē and kai make gnōrizō known · ho his autos power dynatos, has endured pherō with en great polys patience makrothumia the objects skeuos of wrath orgē prepared katartizō for eis destruction apōleia? 23 And kai what if he did so in order hina to make gnōrizō known the ho riches ploutos of ho his autos glory doxa to epi the objects skeuos of mercy eleos, which hos he prepared proetoimazō beforehand for eis glory doxa

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