21 (A)[a]Hath not the potter power of the clay to make of the same lump one [b]vessel to [c]honor, and another unto [d]dishonor?

22 [e]What and if God would, to show his wrath, and to make his power known, suffer with long patience the [f]vessels of wrath, prepared to [g]destruction?

23 And that he might declare the [h]riches of his glory upon the vessels of mercy, which he hath prepared unto glory?

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  1. Romans 9:21 Alluding to the creation of Adam, he compareth mankind not yet made (but in the Creator’s mind) to a lump of clay: whereof afterward God made and doth daily make, according as he purposed from everlasting both such as should be elect, and such as should be reprobate, as also this word, making, declareth.
  2. Romans 9:21 Whereas in the objection propounded, mention was only made of vessels to dishonor: yet he speaketh of the other also in this answer, for that he proveth the Creator to be just in either of them, as the rule of contraries doth require.
  3. Romans 9:21 To honest uses.
  4. Romans 9:21 Seeing then, that in the name of dishonor, the ignomy of everlasting death is signified, they speak with Paul, which say, that some are made of God to most just destruction: and they [that] are offended with this kind of speech bewray their own folly.
  5. Romans 9:22 The second answer is this, that God, moreover and besides that he doth justly decree whatsoever he doth decree, useth that moderation in executing of his decrees, as declareth his singular lenity even in the reprobate in that, that he suffereth them a long time, and permitteth them to enjoy many and singular benefits, until at length he justly condemns them: and that to good end and purpose, to wit, to show himself to be an enemy and revenger of wickedness, that it may appear what power he is of by these severe judgments, and finally by comparison of contraries to set forth indeed, how great his mercy is towards the elect.
  6. Romans 9:22 By vessels, the Hebrews understand all kinds of instruments.
  7. Romans 9:22 Therefore again, we may say with Paul that some men are made of God the Creator to destruction.
  8. Romans 9:23 The unmeasurable and marvelous greatness.