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17 For gar the ho scripture graphē says legō to ho Pharaoh Pharaō, “ For eis this very autos purpose houtos I have raised exegeirō you sy up , that hopōs I might display endeiknymi my egō power dynamis in en you sy, · ho and kai that hopōs my egō name onoma might be proclaimed diangellō · ho in en all pas the ho earth .” 18 So ara then oun, God has mercy on eleeō whomever hos he wills thelō, and de he hardens sklērynō whomever hos he wills thelō. 19 So oun you will say legō to me egō, “ Why tis then oun does he still eti find memphomai fault ? For gar who tis can resist anthistēmi · ho his autos will boulēma?”

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