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We Have Died To The Law In Christ

So-then[a], my brothers, you also were put-to-death with reference to the Law[b] through the body of Christ so that you might come[c] to a different One— to the One having arisen from the dead— in order that we might bear-fruit for God.

Having Died, We Are Released From The Law Through Which Sin Produced Death

For when we were in the flesh[d], the passions of [e] sins which[f] were through[g] the Law were at-work in our body-parts so as to bear-fruit for death. But now we were released[h] from the Law, having died to that by which we were being held, so that we are serving in newness of the Spirit[i] and not in oldness of the letter[j].

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  1. Romans 7:4 Now Paul applies to us the principle of v 1, illustrated by v 2-3, that death ends the authority of the Law.
  2. Romans 7:4 That is, God’s Law as the terms and conditions of which we must be doers (2:13) to have a relationship with Him. Christ did not need to die to release us from our legalism or man’s civil law or law in general, but from God’s objective standards.
  3. Romans 7:4 Same word as twice in the illustrations in v 3. It is not the normal word for ‘marry’, but that is the idea in v 3-4.
  4. Romans 7:5 That is, before we died with Christ.
  5. Romans 7:5 That is, leading to; or, belonging to (sin’s passions).
  6. Romans 7:5 That is, the passions... which.
  7. Romans 7:5 That is, were increased through the Law, 5:20. Paul explains this next in v 7-8.
  8. Romans 7:6 Same word as in v 2.
  9. Romans 7:6 Or, of spirit.
  10. Romans 7:6 That is, the written code of the Law.

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