24 [a]O [b]wretched man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death!

25 I [c]thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. Then I [d]myself in my mind serve the Law of God, but in my flesh the law of sin.

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  1. Romans 7:24 It is a miserable thing to be yet in part subject to sin, which of its own nature maketh us guilty of death: but we must cry to the Lord, who will by death itself at length make us conquerors as we are already conquerors in Christ.
  2. Romans 7:24 Wearied with miserable and continual conflict.
  3. Romans 7:25 He recovereth himself, and showeth us that he resteth only in Christ.
  4. Romans 7:25 This is the true perfection of them that are born anew, to confess that they are imperfect.