(A)For the woman which is in subjection to a man, is bound by the Law to the man, while he liveth: but if the man be dead, she is delivered from the Law of the man.

So then, if while the man liveth, she taketh another man, she shall be [a]called an (B)adulteress: but if the man be dead, she is free from the Law, so that she is not an adulteress, though she take another man.

[b]So ye, my brethren, are dead also to the Law by the [c]body of Christ, that ye should be unto another, even unto him that is raised up from the dead, that we should bring forth [d]fruit unto [e]God.

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  1. Romans 7:3 That is, she shall be an adulteress, by the consent and judgment of all men.
  2. Romans 7:4 An application of the similitude thus. So, saith he, doth it fare with us: for now we are joined to the spirit as it were to the second husband, by whom we must bring forth new children: we are dead in respect of the first husband, but in respect of the latter we are as it were raised from the dead.
  3. Romans 7:4 That is, in the body of Christ, to give us to understand how straight and near that fellowship is betwixt Christ and his members.
  4. Romans 7:4 He calleth the children, which the wife hath by her husband, fruit.
  5. Romans 7:4 Which are acceptable to God.

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