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Romans 4:14-16 New English Translation (NET Bible)

14 For if they become heirs by the law, faith is empty and the promise is nullified.[a] 15 For the law brings wrath, because where there is no law there is no transgression[b] either. 16 For this reason it is by faith so that it may be by grace,[c] with the result that the promise may be certain to all the descendants—not only to those who are under the law, but also to those who have the faith of Abraham,[d] who is the father of us all


  1. Romans 4:14 tn Grk “rendered inoperative.”
  2. Romans 4:15 tn Or “violation.”
  3. Romans 4:16 tn Grk “that it might be according to grace.”
  4. Romans 4:16 tn Grk “those who are of the faith of Abraham.”
New English Translation (NET)

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