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14 For if the ones of the Law are inheritors, faith has been made-empty[a] and the promise has been nullified[b]. 15 For the Law brings-about wrath. But where there is no Law, neither is there transgression[c]. 16 For this reason it is by faith, in order that it may be based on grace, so that the promise might be firm[d] to all the seed— not to the seed of the Law only[e], but also to the seed of the faith of Abraham,

Abraham Is The Father of All Who Believe

... who is the father of us all—

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  1. Romans 4:14 Or, voided. That is, emptied of any value or place.
  2. Romans 4:14 The promise of a free gift is nullified, since obedience would be required to obtain it.
  3. Romans 4:15 Or, violation. There is no law to violate in connection with the promise of a gift, so there can be no transgression and no wrath.
  4. Romans 4:16 Or, secure, certain.
  5. Romans 4:16 That is, to people like Paul; believing Jews.

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