And why not say, just as some people slanderously claim we say, “Let us do what is evil so that good may come”?(A) Their condemnation is deserved!

The Whole World Guilty before God

What then? Are we any better?[a] Not at all! For we have previously charged that both Jews(B) and Gentiles[b](C) are all under sin,[c](D) 10 as it is written:[d]

There is no one righteous, not even one.

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  1. Romans 3:9 Are we Jews any better than the Gentiles?
  2. Romans 3:9 Lit Greeks
  3. Romans 3:9 Under sin’s power or dominion
  4. Romans 3:10 Paul constructs this charge from a chain of OT quotations, mainly from the Psalms.

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