That is, to them which through patience in well doing, seek [a]glory, and honor, and immortality, everlasting life:

But unto them that are contentious, and disobey the [b]truth, and obey unrighteousness, shall be [c]indignation and wrath.

Tribulation and anguish shall be upon the soul of every man that doeth evil: of the Jew first, and also of the Grecian.

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  1. Romans 2:7 Glory which followeth good works, which he layeth not out before us, as though there were any that could attain to salvation by his own strength, but, by laying this condition of salvation before us, which no man can perform, to bring men to Christ, who alone justified the believers, as he himself concludeth, Rom. 2:21-22, following.
  2. Romans 2:8 By truth, he meaneth that knowledge which we have of nature.
  3. Romans 2:8 God’s indignation against sinners, which shall quickly be kindled.

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