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12 that houtos · de is eimi, that we may be mutually encouraged symparakaleō by dia · ho each allēlōn other’ s faith pistis, I by yours hymeis and kai you by mine egō. 13 I do not ou want thelō · de you hymeis to be unaware agnoeō, brethren adelphos, that hoti I often pollakis intended protithēmi to come erchomai to pros you hymeis ( but kai have been prevented kōlyō until achri · ho now deuro) so hina that I might have echō some tis fruit karpos · kai among en you hymeis, just kathōs as · kai among en the ho rest loipos of the Gentiles ethnos. 14 I am eimi a debtor opheiletēs both te to the Greeks Hellēn and kai to the barbarians barbaros, to the wise sophos as well as kai to the foolish anoētos.

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