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15 We hēmeis who ho are strong dynatos have an obligation opheilō · de to bear with bastazō the ho failings asthenēma of the ho weak adynatos, and kai not to please areskō ourselves heautou. Let areskō each hekastos of us hēmeis please areskō his ho neighbor plēsion for eis his ho good agathos, to pros build oikodomē him up . · kai For gar · ho Christ Christos did areskō not ou please areskō himself heautou; but alla as kathōs it is written graphō, “ The ho insults oneidismos of those ho who insult oneidizō you sy have fallen epipiptō on epi me egō.” For gar whatever hosos was written prographō at an earlier time was written graphō for eis · ho our hēmeteros instruction didaskalia, that hina through dia · ho endurance hypomonē and kai through dia the ho encouragement paraklēsis of the ho scriptures graphē we might have echō · ho hope elpis. May the ho · de God theos of ho endurance hypomonē and kai · ho encouragement paraklēsis enable didōmi you hymeis to live in harmony ho with en one allēlōn another , according kata to Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, so hina that together homothumadon you may with en one heis voice stoma glorify doxazō the ho God theos and kai Father patēr of ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos. Therefore dio accept proslambanō one allēlōn another even kathōs as Christ Christos has also kai · ho accepted proslambanō you hymeis, for eis the glory doxa of ho God theos. For gar I tell legō you that Christ Christos has become ginomai a servant diakonos of the circumcised peritomē on hyper behalf of the truth alētheia of God theos, in eis order to confirm bebaioō the ho promises epangelia made to the ho patriarchs patēr, and de that the ho Gentiles ethnos might glorify doxazō God theos for hyper his mercy eleos. · ho As kathōs it is written graphō, “ For dia this houtos reason I will acknowledge exomologeomai you sy among en the Gentiles ethnos and kai sing praises psallō to ho your sy name onoma.” 10 And kai again palin it says legō, “ Rejoice euphrainō, O Gentiles ethnos, with meta · ho his autos people laos.” 11 And kai again palin, “ Praise aineō the ho Lord kyrios all pas you ho Gentiles ethnos, and kai let all pas the ho nations laos extol epaineō him autos.” 12 And kai again palin Isaiah ēsaias says legō, “ The ho root rhiza of ho Jesse Iessai will come eimi, even kai he ho who rises anistēmi to rule archō over the Gentiles ethnos; in epi him autos will the Gentiles ethnos hope elpizō.” 13 Now de may the ho God theos of ho hope elpis fill plēroō you hymeis with all pas joy chara and kai peace eirēnē in en · ho believing pisteuō, so eis that you hymeis may abound perisseuō in en · ho hope elpis by en the power dynamis of the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma.

14 I egō myself autos am convinced peithō about peri you hymeis, · de my egō brethren adelphos, · kai that hoti · kai you eimi yourselves autos are eimi full mestos of goodness agathōsynē, filled plēroō with all pas · ho knowledge gnōsis, and able dynamai also kai to instruct noutheteō one allēlōn another . 15 Nevertheless de on apo certain subjects meros I have written graphō to you hymeis rather boldly tolmēros so hōs as to refresh epanamimnēskō your hymeis memory , because dia of the ho grace charis that ho was given didōmi me egō by hypo · ho God theos 16 to eis be eimi a minister leitourgos of Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous to eis the ho Gentiles ethnos, serving hierourgeō the ho gospel euangelion of ho God theos as a priest, so hina that my ho offering prosphora of the ho Gentiles ethnos may become ginomai acceptable euprosdektos, sanctified hagiazō by en the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma. 17 In en Christ Christos Jesus Iēsous, then oun, I have echō · ho reason to boast kauchēsis of my work ho for pros · ho God theos. 18 For gar I will not ou venture tolmaō to speak of laleō anything tis except ou what hos Christ Christos has accomplished katergazomai through dia me egō in bringing the Gentiles ethnos to eis obedience hypakoē, by word logos and kai deed ergon, 19 by en the power dynamis of signs sēmeion and kai wonders teras, by en the power dynamis of the Spirit pneuma of God theos, so that hōste from apo Jerusalem Ierousalēm · kai all the way around kyklōi to mechri · ho Illyricum Illyrikon I egō have fulfilled plēroō my ministry of proclaiming the ho gospel euangelion of ho Christ Christos. 20 And de thus houtōs I have always made it my aim philotimeomai to preach euangelizō the gospel , not ou where hopou Christ Christos was known onomazō, lest hina mē I should build oikodomeō on epi someone allotrios else’ s foundation themelios; 21 rather alla, as kathōs it is written graphō, “ Those hos who were not ou told anangellō of peri him autos will see horaō, and kai those hos who have not ou heard akouō of him will understand syniēmi.” 22 This is why dio · kai on so many occasions polys I was kept enkoptō from · ho coming erchomai to pros you hymeis; 23 but de now nyni I echō no longer mēketi have echō a reason topos for remaining in en · ho these houtos regions klima, and de for apo many polys years etos I have echō desired epipothia to come erchomai to pros visit you hymeis. 24 When hōs an I do go poreuō to eis · ho Spain Spania, I hope elpizō to see theaomai you hymeis as I pass through diaporeuomai and kai be helped on my way propempō there ekei by hypo you hymeis, after prōton I have enjoyed empiplēmi your hymeis company for apo a while meros. 25 But de for now nyni, I am going poreuō to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm in a service diakoneō for the ho saints hagios. 26 For gar Macedonia Makedonia and kai Achaia Achaia were pleased eudokeō to make poieō a contribution koinōnia tis to eis the ho poor ptōchos among the ho saints hagios · ho in en Jerusalem Ierousalēm. 27 They were pleased eudokeō to do so, in fact kai, they are eimi obligated opheiletēs to them autos; for gar if ei the ho Gentiles ethnos have come to share in koinōneō · ho their autos spiritual pneumatikos blessings , they ought opheilō also kai to be of service leitourgeō to them autos in en · ho material sarkikos things . 28 Therefore oun, when I have completed epiteleō this houtos task and kai have delivered sphragizō to them autos · ho what houtos was raised karpos, I will leave aperchomai for eis Spain Spania by dia way of you hymeis. 29 And de I know oida that hoti when I come erchomai to pros you hymeis, I will come erchomai in en the fulness plērōma of the blessing eulogia of Christ Christos. 30 Now de I urge parakaleō you hymeis, brethren adelphos, by dia · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous Christ Christos and kai by dia the ho love agapē of the ho Spirit pneuma, to join synagōnizomai me egō in en · ho fervent proseuchē prayer to pros God theos on hyper my egō behalf, · ho 31 that hina I may be delivered rhyomai from apo those ho in en Judea Ioudaia who refuse to believe apeitheō, · ho and kai that · ho my egō service diakonia · ho to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm may prove ginomai truly acceptable euprosdektos to the ho saints hagios, 32 so hina that by dia God’ s theos will thelēma I may come erchomai to pros you hymeis with en joy chara and be refreshed synanapauomai in your hymeis company . 33 Now de may the ho God theos of ho peace eirēnē be with meta all pas of you hymeis. Amen amēn.

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