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13 Therefore oun let us krinō stop mēketi passing judgment on krinō one allēlōn another , but alla resolve krinō this houtos instead mallon, never to put tithēmi an obstacle proskomma or ē a trap skandalon in ho a brother’ s adelphos way.

14 I know oida and kai am convinced peithō in en the Lord kyrios Jesus Iēsous that hoti nothing oudeis is unclean koinos in dia itself heautou; however ei mē, to the ho one who considers logizomai something tis to be eimi unclean koinos, to him ekeinos it is unclean koinos. 15 For gar if ei your sy brother adelphos is being hurt lypeō by dia what you eat brōma, · ho you are peripateō no ouketi longer walking peripateō in kata love agapē. Do apollymi not destroy apollymi by ho what you sy eat brōma that ekeinos brother for hyper whom hos Christ Christos died apothnēskō.

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