13 [a]Let us not therefore judge one another anymore: but use your judgment rather in [b]this that no man put an occasion to fall, or a stumbling block before his brother.

14 [c]I know, and am persuaded through the [d]Lord Jesus, that there is nothing unclean of [e]itself: but unto him that judgeth anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.

15 But if thy brother be grieved for the meat, now walkest thou not charitably: (A)[f]destroy not him with thy meat, for whom [g]Christ died.

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  1. Romans 14:13 After that he hath concluded what is not to be done, he showeth what is to be done: to wit, we must take heed that we do not utterly cast down with abusing our liberty, our brother who is not yet strong.
  2. Romans 14:13 He rebuketh by this way, these malicious judgers of others, which occupy their heads about nothing, but to find fault with their brethren’s life, whereas they should rather bestow their wits upon this, that they do not with their disdainfulness either cast their brethren clean down, or give them some offense.
  3. Romans 14:14 The preventing of an objection: It is true that the schoolmastership of the Law is taken away by the benefit of Christ, to such as know it, but yet notwithstanding we have to consider in the use of this liberty what is expedient, that we may have regard of our weak brother, seeing that our liberty is not lost thereby.
  4. Romans 14:14 By the Spirit of the Lord Jesus, or by the Lord Jesus, who I am sure brake down the wall at his coming.
  5. Romans 14:14 By nature.
  6. Romans 14:15 It is the part of a cruel mind to make more account of meat, than of our brother’s salvation. Which thing they do, that presume to eat with offense of any brother, and so give him occasion to go back from the Gospel.
  7. Romans 14:15 Another argument: We must follow Christ’s example: who was so far from destroying the weak with meat, that he gave his life for them.

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