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Romans 11:20-22 The Passion Translation (TPT)

20 Yes, that’s true.[a] They were removed because of their unbelief. But remember this: you are only attached by your faith. So don’t be presumptuous, but stand in awe and reverence. 21 Since God didn’t spare the natural branches that fell into unbelief, perhaps he won’t spare you either!

22 So fix your gaze on the simultaneous kindness[b] and strict justice[c] of God. How severely he treated those who fell into unbelief! Yet how tender and kind is his relationship with you. So keep on trusting in his kindness; otherwise, you also will be cut off.


  1. Romans 11:20 The Aramaic can be translated “Yes, it’s beautiful!” Non-Jewish believers are to be grateful for the Jewish roots of our faith. Our Messiah is Jewish and the Scriptures we read were given to the beloved Jewish people. We feast on the new-covenant riches that have been handed down to us through the “olive tree” of Judaism.
  2. Romans 11:22 The Aramaic word for “kindness” can also be translated “sweetness.”
  3. Romans 11:22 The Greek word apotomia is used only here in the New Testament. It is a play on words, for apotomia is a homonym that can mean “strict justice” or “cut off.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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