20 Well: through unbelief they are broken off, and thou standest by faith: be not high-minded, but [a]fear.

21 For if God spared not the [b]natural branches, take heed, lest he also spare not thee.

22 [c]Behold therefore the [d]bountifulness, and severity of God: toward them which have fallen, severity: but toward thee, bountifulness, if thou continue in his [e]bountifulness: or else thou shalt also be cut off.

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  1. Romans 11:20 See that thou stand in awe of God modestly and carefully.
  2. Romans 11:21 He calleth them natural, not because they had any holiness of nature, but because they were born of them, whom the Lord set apart for himself from, other nations, by his league and covenant which he freely made with them.
  3. Romans 11:22 Seeing the matter itself declareth that election cometh not by inheritance (although the fault be in men, and not in God, why the blessing of God is not perpetual) we must take good heed, that that be not found in ourselves, which we think blameworthy in others, for the election is sure, but they that are truly elect and ingrafted, are not proud in themselves with contempt of others, but with due reverence to God, and love towards their neighbor, run to the mark which is set before them.
  4. Romans 11:22 The tender and loving heart.
  5. Romans 11:22 In that state which God’s bountifulness hath advanced thee unto: and we must mark here, that he speaketh not of the election of every private man, which remaineth steadfast forever, but of the election of the whole nation.

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