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11 So oun I ask legō, has God theos repudiated apōtheō · ho · ho his autos people laos? By no means ! · kai For gar I myself egō am eimi an Israelite Israēlitēs, a descendant ek sperma of Abraham Abraam, from the tribe phylē of Benjamin Beniamin. God theos has not ou repudiated apōtheō · ho · ho his autos people laos whom hos he foreknew proginōskō. Or ē do you not ou know oida what tis the ho Scripture graphē says legō in en the passage about Elijah ēlias, how hōs he pleads entynchanō with ho God theos against kata · ho Israel Israēl? Lord kyrios, they have killed apokteinō · ho your sy prophets prophētēs, they have torn down kataskaptō · ho your sy altars thusiastērion, and kagō I alone monos am left hypoleipō, and kai they are seeking zēteō · ho my egō life psychē.” But alla what tis was the ho divine reply chrēmatismos saying legō to him autos? “ I have kept kataleipō for myself emautou seven heptakischilioi thousand men anēr who hostis have not ou bowed kamptō the knee gony to ho Baal Baal.” So houtōs too kai at en the ho present nyn time kairos there is ginomai a remnant leimma, chosen eklogē by kata grace charis. And de if ei it is by grace charis, it is no ouketi longer on ek the basis of works ergon, otherwise epei · ho grace charis would no ouketi longer be ginomai grace charis. What tis then oun? Israel Israēl failed ou to obtain epitynchanō what hos it was seeking epizēteō, but de the ho elect eklogē obtained epitynchanō it. The ho · de rest loipos were hardened pōroō, as kathōs it is written graphō, “ God theos gave didōmi them autos · ho a spirit pneuma of stupor katanyxis, eyes ophthalmos that ho would not see blepō and kai ears ous that ho would not hear akouō, to heōs this ho very sēmeron day hēmera.” And kai David Dauid says legō, “ May their autos table trapeza become ginomai · ho a snare pagis and kai a trap thēra, · kai a stumbling skandalon block and kai a retribution antapodoma for them autos. 10 May their autos eyes ophthalmos be darkened · ho so ho they cannot see blepō, and kai keep · ho their autos backs nōtos constantly dia pas bent synkamptō.”

11 So oun I ask legō, did they stumble ptaiō so hina as to fall piptō? By no means ! But alla because of ho their autos transgression paraptōma · ho salvation sōtēria has come to the ho Gentiles ethnos so eis as to make Israel autos jealous parazēloō. 12 Now de if ei · ho their autos transgression paraptōma means riches ploutos for the world kosmos and kai · ho their autos failure hēttēma means riches ploutos for the Gentiles ethnos, how posos much more mallon will · ho their autos full plērōma inclusion mean! 13 I am speaking legō to you hymeis · de · ho Gentiles ethnos. Inasmuch epi hosos then oun as I egō am eimi an apostle apostolos to the Gentiles ethnos, I take pride in doxazō · ho my egō ministry diakonia, 14 if ei somehow pōs I could provoke parazēloō my egō own · ho countrymen sarx to jealousy and kai save sōzō some tis of ek them autos. 15 For gar if ei · ho their autos rejection apobolē leads to the reconciliation katallagē of the world kosmos, what tis will their ho acceptance proslēmpsis mean but ei mē life zōē from ek the dead nekros? 16 If ei · de the ho dough offered as first aparchē fruits is holy hagios, so also kai is the ho whole phyrama lump ; and kai if ei the ho root rhiza is holy hagios, so also kai are the ho branches klados. 17 But de if ei some tis of the ho branches klados were broken ekklaō off , and de you sy, although eimi a wild agrielaios olive shoot , were grafted enkentrizō in among en the others autos and kai you now ginomai share synkoinōnos in the ho nourishing piotēs root rhiza · ho of the ho olive elaia tree , 18 do not become arrogant katakauchaomai toward the ho branches klados. But de if ei you do katakauchaomai, consider this: it is not ou you sy who support bastazō the ho root rhiza, but alla the ho root rhiza that supports you sy. 19 Then oun you will say legō, “The branches klados were broken ekklaō off so hina I egō could be grafted enkentrizō in .” 20 That is true kalōs. They were broken off ekklaō because of ho unbelief apistia, and de you sy stand histēmi by ho faith pistis. Do phroneō not be phroneō proud hypsēlos, but alla stand in awe phobeomai. 21 For gar if ei · ho God theos did pheidomai not ou spare pheidomai the ho natural kata physis branches klados, perhaps mē pōs he will pheidomai not oude spare pheidomai you sy either. 22 Consider ide therefore oun the kindness chrēstotēs and kai the severity apotomia of God theos severity apotomia to epi those ho who have fallen piptō, but de God’ s theos kindness chrēstotēs to epi you sy, provided ean you continue epimenō in his ho kindness chrēstotēs. Otherwise epei you sy too kai will be cut off ekkoptō. 23 And de even they kakeinos, if ean they do not continue epimenō in their ho unbelief apistia, will be grafted enkentrizō in , for gar God theos is eimi able dynatos · ho to graft enkentrizō them autos in enkentrizō again palin. 24 For gar if ei you sy were cut ekkoptō from ek what ho is by kata nature physis a wild agrielaios olive tree , and kai grafted enkentrizō contrary para to nature physis into eis a cultivated kallielaios olive tree , how posos much more mallon will these houtos, the ho natural kata physis branches, be grafted back into enkentrizō · ho their idios own olive elaia tree ?

25 For gar I do not ou want thelō you hymeis to be uninformed agnoeō, my brothers adelphos, of · ho this houtos mystery mystērion so hina that you may not be eimi wise phronimos in para your heautou own conceits that hoti a partial apo hardening pōrōsis has happened ginomai to ho Israel Israēl until achri hos the ho full plērōma number of the ho Gentiles ethnos has come in eiserchomai. 26 And kai in this way houtōs all pas Israel Israēl will be saved sōzō: as kathōs it is written graphō, “ Out of ek Zion Siōn will come hēkō the ho Deliverer rhyomai; he will remove apostrephō ungodliness asebeia from apo Jacob Iakōb.” 27  And kai this houtos will be my egō covenant diathēkē with them autos, · ho when hotan I take away aphaireō · ho their autos sins hamartia.” 28 In kata regard to the ho gospel euangelion they are enemies echthros for dia your hymeis sake, but de in kata regard to · ho election eklogē they are dearly agapētos loved for dia the sake of their ho forefathers patēr. 29 For gar the ho gifts charisma and kai the ho calling klēsis of ho God theos are irrevocable ametamelētos. 30 For gar just hōsper as you hymeis were at one time pote disobedient apeitheō to ho God theos but de now nyn have received mercy eleeō because of ho their houtos disobedience apeitheia, 31 so houtōs · kai they houtos at the present nyn time have been disobedient apeitheō in order that hina by the ho mercy eleos shown to you hymeteros they autos also kai may now nyn receive mercy eleeō. 32 For gar God theos has consigned synkleiō · ho · ho all pas to eis disobedience apeitheia so hina that he may show mercy to eleeō · ho all pas. 33 O ō the depth bathos of the riches ploutos and kai wisdom sophia and kai knowledge gnōsis of God theos! How hōs unsearchable anexeraunētos are · ho his autos judgments krima and kai how inscrutable anexichniastos · ho his autos ways hodos! 34 For gar who tis has known ginōskō the mind nous of the Lord kyrios, or ē who tis has been ginomai his autos counselor symboulos? 35 Or ē who tis has given prodidōmi to God autos that kai God must pay antapodidōmi him autos back ? 36 For hoti from ek him autos and kai through dia him autos and kai to eis him autos are · ho all pas things . To him autos be · ho glory doxa for eis all ho time aiōn! Amen amēn.

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