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12 For there is no distinction between both Jew and Greek— for the same Lord is Lord of all, being rich toward all the ones calling-upon Him. 13 For “everyone who calls-upon the name of the Lord will be saved” [Joel 2:32].

This Is Why God Sent Forth His Messengers With The Report About Christ

14 How then[a] may they[b] call-upon the One in Whom they did not believe? And how may they believe the One Whom[c] they did not hear? And how may they hear without one proclaiming?

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  1. Romans 10:14 Paul now traces out the logical implications of the Scriptures just quoted. They imply that the response of faith is made to a message proclaimed to everyone by ones sent forth from God.
  2. Romans 10:14 That is, everyone (v 13), Jew and Greek (v 12). Paul carries out his argument in the universal terms of the prophets, which he is here applying to the case of Israel itself.
  3. Romans 10:14 Or, the One of Whom.