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Then kai I saw another allos angel angelos ascending anabainō from apo the rising anatolē of the sun hēlios, with echō the seal sphragis of the living zaō God theos. And kai he called out krazō in a loud megas voice phōnē to the ho four tessares angels angelos who hos had been given didōmi power to harm adikeō the ho earth and kai the ho sea thalassa, saying legō, “ Do not harm adikeō the ho earth or mēte the ho sea thalassa or mēte the ho trees dendron until achri we have sealed sphragizō the ho servants of ho our hēmeis God theos on epi · ho their autos foreheads metōpon.”

And kai I heard akouō the ho number arithmos of those ho who were sealed sphragizō, one hundred hekaton forty-four tesserakonta tessares thousand chilias, sealed sphragizō from ek every pas tribe phylē of the sons hyios of Israel Israēl:

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