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Revelation 6:14-16 The Passion Translation (TPT)

14 The sky receded with a snap—as a scroll rolls itself up.[a] And every mountain and island was moved from its place.[b] 15 Then the kings of the earth and its great princes[c] and generals, the rich and powerful, and everyone, whether they were slave or free, ran for cover and hid in the caves and among the mountain boulders. 16 They called out to the mountains and the boulders, saying, “Fall on us at once![d] Hide us quickly from the glorious face of the one seated on the throne and from the wrath of the Lamb,[e]


  1. Revelation 6:14 Scrolls were equal to today’s books. They were unrolled and read, then rolled back up. To have the sky rolled up like a scroll is equal to saying, “The book is closed!” The old heavens must be removed to make room for a new heaven. When Jesus was baptized, the new heavens were opened up to him like a scroll, inaugurating this era of an open heaven through Christ.
  2. Revelation 6:14 Upon opening the sixth seal, the scene changes to earth. The power of God is released, which shakes every continent and every island. Yet is this destruction meant to be taken literally? Great earthquakes throughout the Bible were a regular feature of divine visitation. Methods, movements, governments, and structures (mountains and islands) will all be shaken by God in this wonderful visitation. Stars do not literally fall to the earth. Some of them are so huge they are larger than our solar system. If they were to fall, it would destroy all that we know. Yet, as we read further into the book of Revelation, we find that the earth continues to exist. So this scene must be taken symbolically. The old order of the natural realm is passing away and a new order is being established. There are many prophecies of the Old Testament referring to the lights going out on the old order as something new is set in place (Isa. 24:23; 34:4; Jer. 15:9; Joel 2:30-31; Mic. 3:6). A superior light of the kingdom of God will make dim the light of the old covenant.
  3. Revelation 6:15 Or “high-ranking officers” or “heads of thousands.” The heart of each person is being laid bare by the light and glory of Christ rising upon his people. It was Adam who first wanted to hide from the face of God, but for the believer we hide only in the Father’s love.
  4. Revelation 6:16 See Hos. 10:8.
  5. Revelation 6:16 Few phrases in the Bible could seem more contradictory than “the wrath [anger] of the Lamb” (not the anger of the Lion). This is corrective and redemptive—not beastly rage but fiery passion to judge whatever gets in the way between the Lamb and his bride. The Greek word orge means “to reach out with passionate desire and take hold of.” The simplest definition of the Greek word orge could be “fiery passion.”
The Passion Translation (TPT)

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