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After meta this houtos I looked, and kai behold idou, a door thura standing open anoigō in en · ho heaven ouranos! And kai the ho first prōtos voice phōnē, · ho which hos I had heard akouō speaking laleō to meta me egō like hōs a trumpet salpinx, said legō, “ Come up anabainō here hōde, and kai I will show deiknymi you sy what hos must dei take place ginomai after meta this houtos.” Immediately eutheōs I was ginomai in en the spirit pneuma, and kai behold idou, a throne thronos was standing keimai in en · ho heaven ouranos and kai one sitting kathēmai on epi the ho throne thronos! And kai the ho one sitting kathēmai there had homoios the appearance horasis of a precious gem lithos jasper iaspis or kai carnelian sardion and kai a rainbow iris encircled kyklothen the ho throne thronos, in appearance horasis like homoios an emerald smaragdinos. · kai Around kyklothen the ho throne thronos were twenty-four eikosi thrones thronos, and kai seated kathēmai on epi those ho thrones thronos were twenty-four eikosi tessares elders presbyteros, clothed periballō in en white leukos garments himation, and kai upon epi · ho their autos heads kephalē were crowns stephanos of gold chrysous. · kai Out from ek the ho throne thronos came ekporeuomai flashes of lightning astrapē, · kai rumblings phōnē, and kai peals of thunder brontē. · kai Seven hepta torches lampas of fire pyr, which hos are eimi the ho seven hepta spirits pneuma of ho God theos, were burning kaiō before enōpion the ho throne thronos, and kai before enōpion the ho throne thronos there was as it were hōs a sea thalassa of glass hyalinos, like homoios crystal krystallos; and kai around en mesos the ho throne thronos, · kai close by kyklōi the ho throne thronos, were four tessares living zōon creatures full gemō of eyes ophthalmos in front emprosthen and kai in back opisthen. · kai The ho first prōtos living creature zōon · ho was like homoios a lion leōn, · kai the ho second deuteros living creature zōon like homoios an ox moschos, · kai the ho third tritos living creature zōon had echō a ho face prosōpon like hōs a man’ s anthrōpos, and kai the ho fourth tetartos living creature zōon was like homoios a flying petomai eagle aetos. And kai the ho four tessares living creatures zōon, each ana of them autos with echō six hex wings pteryx, were full gemō of eyes ophthalmos around kyklothen and kai within esōthen. And kai day hēmera or kai night nyx they echō never ou rest anapausis, saying legō: “ Holy hagios, holy hagios, holy hagios, Lord kyrios · ho God theos · ho Almighty pantokratōr, who ho was eimi, and kai who ho is eimi, and kai who ho is to come erchomai!” And kai whenever hotan the ho living creatures zōon give didōmi glory doxa and kai honor timē and kai thanks eucharistia to the ho one who is seated kathēmai on epi the ho throne thronos, to the ho one who lives zaō for eis all ho time aiōn ho, · ho 10 the ho twenty-four eikosi elders presbyteros fall down piptō before enōpion the ho one who is seated kathēmai on epi the ho throne thronos and kai worship proskyneō the ho one who lives zaō for eis all ho time aiōn ho. · ho · kai They cast ballō · ho their autos crowns stephanos before enōpion the ho throne thronos, saying legō, 11  Worthy axios are you eimi, · ho our hēmeis Lord kyrios and kai · ho God theos, to receive lambanō · ho glory doxa and kai · ho honor timē and kai · ho power dynamis, for hoti you sy created ktizō · ho all things pas, and kai because dia of · ho your sy will thelēma they existed eimi and kai were created ktizō.”

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