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10 Because hoti you have kept tēreō · ho my egō word logos about ho patient endurance hypomonē, I also kagō will keep tēreō you sy from ek the ho hour hōra of ho testing peirasmos that ho is mellō coming erchomai upon epi the ho whole holos world oikoumenē to test peirazō those ho who live katoikeō on epi the ho earth . 11 I am coming erchomai soon tachus. Hold on to krateō what hos you have echō, so that hina no one mēdeis can take lambanō away · ho your sy crown stephanos. 12 The ho one who conquers nikaō, I will make poieō him autos a pillar stylos in en the ho temple naos of ho my egō God theos and kai he will never ou mē go exerchomai out of exō it, and kai I will write graphō on epi him autos the ho name onoma of ho my egō God theos, and kai the ho name onoma of the ho city polis of ho my egō God theos ( the ho new kainos Jerusalem Ierousalēm which ho comes down katabainō out of ek · ho heaven ouranos from apo · ho my egō God theos), and kai · ho my own egō new kainos name onoma. · ho

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