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10 Do not mēdeis fear phobeomai what hos you are about mellō to suffer paschō. The ho devil diabolos is about mellō to throw ballō some of ek you hymeis into eis prison phylakē so that hina you may be tested peirazō, and kai you will have echō affliction thlipsis for ten deka days hēmera. Be ginomai faithful pistos until achri death thanatos, and kai I will give didōmi you sy the ho crown stephanos of ho life zōē. 11 He ho who has echō an ear ous, let him hear akouō what tis the ho Spirit pneuma is saying legō to the ho churches ekklēsia. The ho one who conquers nikaō will not ou mē be harmed adikeō by ek the ho second deuteros death thanatos. · ho

12 · kai To the ho angel angelos of the ho church ekklēsia in en Pergamum Pergamos write graphō: The ho one who has echō the ho sharp oxys two-edged distomos sword rhomphaia · ho · ho has legō this hode to say legō:

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