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12 · ho · de His autos eyes ophthalmos are like hōs a flame phlox of fire pyr, and kai on epi · ho his autos head kephalē are many polys diadems diadēma, and he has echō a name onoma written graphō that hos no one oudeis knows oida except ei mē himself autos. 13 · kai He is clothed in periballō a robe himation dipped baptō in blood haima, and kai the ho name onoma by which autos he is called kaleō is the ho Word logos of ho God theos. 14 And kai the ho armies strateuma · ho of en · ho heaven ouranos, arrayed in endyō fine linen byssinos, white leukos and clean katharos, were following akoloutheō him autos on epi white leukos horses hippos.

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