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21 Then a mighty messenger picked up a huge stone—it looked like a great millstone—and he cast it into the sea.

Mighty Messenger: Watch and see. This is how Babylon, the great city,
        will be thrown down; violently will she go down,
        and they will search for her in vain.
22     Never again will the sound of music grace your streets.
    The melodies and harmonies of the harpists and musicians and flutists and trumpeters
        will never be heard again.
    And never again will an artisan of any craft
        be found in your markets,
    And never again will the grinding of the millstone
        provide rhythm to your city,
23     And never again will the light of a lamp
        bring warm light to your houses,
    And never again will the voices of the bridegroom and bride
        bring joy to your festivities.
    For the merchants were the magnates of the earth,
        and all the nations fell prey to your sorceries.

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