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19 They threw dust in the air covering their heads. They wept bitterly and mourned their loss.

    Woe to you, our great city;
        all who had ships at sea
        became rich off your wealth!
    In a single hour, you have been utterly ruined.

20 Rejoice over her torment, O heaven. Join in the celebration, you saints, emissaries,[a] and prophets because God has judged in your favor and against her.

21 Then a mighty messenger picked up a huge stone—it looked like a great millstone—and he cast it into the sea.

Mighty Messenger: Watch and see. This is how Babylon, the great city,
        will be thrown down; violently will she go down,
        and they will search for her in vain.

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  1. 18:20 Literally, apostles