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·Everyone will respect you [L Who will not fear you…?], Lord [Jer. 10:7],
    and ·will honor you [L honor/glorify your name].
[L Because; For] Only you are holy.
All the nations will come
    and worship [L before] you [Ps. 86:9–10],
because the right things you have done
    are now made known [Deut. 32:4].”

After ·this [L these things] I saw that the temple (the ·Tent [Tabernacle] of the ·Agreement [Testimony; Covenant Law]) in heaven was opened. And the seven angels bringing the seven ·disasters [plagues] came out of the temple. They were dressed in ·clean [pure], ·shining [bright] linen and wore golden ·bands [sashes] tied around their chests [C garments worn by priests].

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