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The Rainbow Angel

10 Then I saw another extremely powerful angel coming out of heaven, robed in a cloud. There was a halo over his head like a rainbow;[a] his face shined bright like the sun, and his legs like pillars of fire.[b] He held a little opened scroll in his hand. He set his right foot on the sea and his left foot on the land

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  1. Revelation 10:1 The Aramaic can be translated “a rainbow of heaven was over his head.”
  2. Revelation 10:1 This extremely powerful messenger is Christ (Dan. 10:5-6; Rev. 1:12-16). He holds the scroll (Rev. 5–8) and now gives it to John. He is like the roaring Lion of Judah (Isa. 31:4-5; Jer. 25:29-36; Hos. 11:10-11; Joel 3:16; Amos 3:8) and will give the two witnesses their power (Rev. 11:3).