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To the director: With the gittith. A song of David.

Lord our Lord, your name is the most wonderful in all the earth!
    It brings you praise everywhere in heaven.

From the mouths of children and babies come songs of praise to you.
    They sing of your power to silence your enemies who were seeking revenge.

I look at the heavens you made with your hands.
    I see the moon and the stars you created.
And I wonder, “Why are people so important to you?
    Why do you even think about them?
Why do you care so much about humans[a]?
    Why do you even notice them?”

But you made them almost like gods
    and crowned them with glory and honor.
You put them in charge of everything you made.
    You put everything under their control.
People rule over the sheep and cattle and all the wild animals.
They rule over the birds in the sky
    and the fish that swim in the sea.
Lord our Lord, your name is the most wonderful name in all the earth!

[b] To the director: Use the Alamoth of Ben.[c] A song of David.

I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart.
    I will tell about the wonderful things you have done.
You make me happy, so I will rejoice in you.
    God Most High, I praise your name.
My enemies turned to run from you,
    but they fell and were destroyed.

You listened to me from your throne like a good judge,
    and you decided that I was right.
You told the nations how wrong they were.
    You destroyed those evil people.
    You erased their names from our memory forever and ever.
The enemy is finished!
    You destroyed their cities.
    There is nothing left to remind us of them.

The Lord set up his throne to bring justice,
    and he will rule forever.
He judges everyone on earth fairly.
    He judges all nations honestly.
Many people are suffering—
    crushed by the weight of their troubles.
But the Lord is a refuge for them,
    a safe place they can run to.

10 Lord, those who know your name
    come to you for protection.
And when they come,
    you do not leave them without help.

11 Sing praises to the Lord, who sits as King in Zion.[d]
    Tell the nations about the great things he has done.
12 He punishes murderers
    and remembers those who are in need.
When suffering people cry for help,
    he does not ignore them.

13 I said this prayer: “Lord, be kind to me.
    See how my enemies are hurting me.
    Save me from the ‘gates of death.’
14 Then, at the gates of Jerusalem,[e] I can sing praises to you.
    I will be so happy because you saved me.”

15 Those other nations have fallen into the pit they dug to catch others.
    They have been caught in their own trap.
16 The Lord showed that he judges fairly.
    The wicked were caught by what they did to hurt others. Higgayon[f] Selah

17 The wicked will go to the place of death,
    as will all the nations that forget God.
18 It may seem that those who are poor and needy have been forgotten,
    but God will not forget them.
    He will not leave them without hope.

19 Lord, get up[g] and judge the nations.
    Don’t let anyone think they can win against you.
20 Teach them a lesson, Lord.
    Let them know they are only human. Selah


  1. Psalm 8:4 people … humans Literally, “man … son of man” or “Enosh … son of Adam.” These are Hebrew ways of saying humans—descendants of Adam and Enosh.
  2. Psalm 9:1 Psalm 9 In many Hebrew copies and in the ancient Greek version, Psalms 9 and 10 are combined as one psalm.
  3. Psalm 9:1 Psalm 9 Alamoth of Ben This might be the name of a tune, “On the Death of the Son,” a music style, or one of the orchestral groups in the Temple. See 1 Chron. 15:20.
  4. Psalm 9:11 Sing … Zion Or “Inhabitants of Zion, sing praises to the Lord.” See “Zion” in the Word List.
  5. Psalm 9:14 Jerusalem Literally, “daughter Zion.” See “Zion” in the Word List.
  6. Psalm 9:16 Higgayon Or “Meditation.” Together with Selah this may mean a time to pause and think quietly.
  7. Psalm 9:19 Lord, get up The people said this when they lifted the Box of the Agreement and took it into battle, showing that God was with them. See Num. 10:35-36. Also in Ps. 10:12.

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