God’s Abundant Favor to Earth and Mankind.

For the music director. A Psalm of David. A Song.

65 There will be silence [a]before You, and praise in Zion, God,
And the (A)vow will be fulfilled for You.
You who hear prayer,
To You (B)all [b]mankind comes.
[c](C)Wrongdoings prevail against me;
As for our offenses, You [d](D)forgive them.
(E)Blessed is the one You (F)choose and allow to approach You;
He will dwell in Your courtyards.
We will be (G)satisfied with the goodness of Your house,
Your holy temple.

By (H)awesome deeds You answer us in righteousness, (I)God of our salvation,
You who are the trust of all the (J)ends of the earth and the farthest [e](K)sea;
Who (L)establishes the mountains by His strength,
Who is (M)encircled with might;
Who (N)stills the roaring of the seas,
The roaring of their waves,
And the (O)turmoil of the nations.
They who dwell at the (P)ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs;
You make the [f]sunrise and the sunset shout for joy.

You visit the earth and (Q)cause it to overflow;
You greatly (R)enrich it;
The [g](S)stream of God is full of water;
You prepare their (T)grain, for so You prepare [h]the earth.
10 You water its furrows abundantly,
You [i]settle its ridges,
You soften it (U)with showers,
You bless its growth.
11 You have crowned the year [j]with Your (V)goodness,
And Your [k]paths (W)drip with fatness.
12 (X)The pastures of the wilderness drip,
And the (Y)hills encircle themselves with rejoicing.
13 The meadows are (Z)clothed with flocks
And the valleys are (AA)covered with grain;
They (AB)shout for joy, yes, they sing.


  1. Psalm 65:1 Lit to
  2. Psalm 65:2 Lit flesh comes
  3. Psalm 65:3 Or Confessions of wrongdoings
  4. Psalm 65:3 Lit cover, atone for
  5. Psalm 65:5 Or seas
  6. Psalm 65:8 Lit outgoings of the morning and evening
  7. Psalm 65:9 Or channel
  8. Psalm 65:9 Lit it
  9. Psalm 65:10 Or smooth
  10. Psalm 65:11 Lit of
  11. Psalm 65:11 I.e., wagon tracks

Praise for God’s Mighty Deeds and for His Answer to Prayer.

For the music director. A Song. A Psalm.

66 (A)Shout joyfully to God, all the earth;
Sing the (B)glory of His name;
Make His (C)praise glorious.
Say to God, “How (D)awesome are Your works!
Because of the greatness of Your power Your enemies will (E)pretend to obey You.
(F)All the earth will worship You,
And will (G)sing praises to You;
They will sing praises to Your name.” Selah

(H)Come and see the works of God,
Who is (I)awesome in His deeds toward the sons of mankind.
He (J)turned the sea into dry land;
They passed through (K)the river on foot;
Let’s (L)rejoice there, in Him!
He (M)rules by His might forever;
His (N)eyes keep watch on the nations;
The rebellious shall not (O)exalt themselves! Selah

Bless our God, you peoples,
And [a](P)sound His praise abroad,
Who [b](Q)keeps us in life,
And (R)does not allow our feet to [c]slip.
10 For You have (S)put us to the test, God;
You have (T)refined us as silver is refined.
11 You (U)brought us into the net;
You laid an oppressive burden upon [d]us.
12 You made men (V)ride over our heads;
We went through (W)fire and through water.
Yet You (X)brought us out into a place of abundance.
13 I shall (Y)come into Your house with burnt offerings;
I shall (Z)pay You my vows,
14 Which my lips uttered
And my mouth spoke when I was (AA)in distress.
15 I shall (AB)offer to You burnt offerings of fat animals,
With the smoke of (AC)rams;
I shall make an offering of [e]bulls with male goats. Selah

16 (AD)Come and hear, all who [f]fear God,
And I will (AE)tell of what He has done for my soul.
17 I cried to Him with my mouth,
And [g]He was (AF)exalted with my tongue.
18 If I [h](AG)regard wickedness in my heart,
The (AH)Lord will not hear;
19 But (AI)God has heard;
He has given attention to the sound of my prayer.
20 (AJ)Blessed be God,
Who (AK)has not turned away my prayer
Nor His favor from me.


  1. Psalm 66:8 Lit cause to hear the sound of His praise
  2. Psalm 66:9 Lit puts our soul in life
  3. Psalm 66:9 Or dodder, stumble
  4. Psalm 66:11 Lit our loins
  5. Psalm 66:15 Or cattle
  6. Psalm 66:16 Or revere
  7. Psalm 66:17 Or praise was under my tongue
  8. Psalm 66:18 Or had regarded

The Nations Exhorted to Praise God.

For the music director; with stringed instruments. A Psalm. A Song.

67 God be gracious to us and (A)bless us,
And (B)cause His face to shine [a]upon us— Selah
That (C)Your way may be known on the earth,
(D)Your salvation among all nations.
May the (E)peoples praise You, God;
May all the peoples praise You.
May the (F)nations be glad and sing for joy;
For You will (G)judge the peoples with fairness
And (H)guide the nations on the earth. Selah
May the (I)peoples praise You, God;
May all the peoples praise You.
The (J)earth has yielded its produce;
God, our God, (K)blesses us.
God blesses us,
[b]So that (L)all the ends of the earth may fear Him.


  1. Psalm 67:1 Lit with
  2. Psalm 67:7 Or And let all...earth fear Him

A Cry of Distress and a Curse on Adversaries.

For the music director; according to [a]Shoshannim. A Psalm of David.

69 Save me, God,
For the (A)waters have [b]threatened my life.
I have sunk in deep (B)mud, and there is no foothold;
I have come into deep waters, and a [c](C)flood overflows me.
I am (D)weary with my crying; my throat is parched;
My (E)eyes fail while I wait for my God.
Those (F)who hate me without a cause are more than the hairs of my head;
Those who would [d]destroy me (G)are powerful, those who oppose me with lies;
(H)What I did not steal, I then have to restore.

God, You know (I)my foolishness,
And (J)my guilt is not hidden from You.
May those who wait for You not (K)be ashamed because of me, Lord [e]God of armies;
May those who seek You not be dishonored because of me, God of Israel,
Because (L)for Your sake I have endured disgrace;
(M)Dishonor has covered my face.
I have become (N)estranged [f]from my brothers,
And a stranger to my mother’s sons.
For (O)zeal for Your house has consumed me,
And (P)the taunts of those who taunt You have fallen on me.
10 When I wept (Q)in my soul with fasting,
It became my (R)disgrace.
11 When I made (S)sackcloth my clothing,
I became (T)a proverb to them.
12 Those who (U)sit in the gate talk about me,
And (V)songs of mockery by those habitually drunk are about me.

13 But as for me, my prayer is to You, Lord, (W)at an acceptable time;
God, in the (X)greatness of Your mercy,
Answer me with [g]Your saving truth.
14 Rescue me from the (Y)mud and do not let me sink;
May I be (Z)rescued from those who hate me, and from the (AA)depths of water.
15 May the [h](AB)flood of water not overflow me
Nor the deep swallow me up,
Nor the (AC)pit close its mouth on me.

16 Answer me, Lord, for (AD)Your mercy is good;
(AE)According to the greatness of Your compassion, (AF)turn to me,
17 And (AG)do not hide Your face from Your servant,
For I am (AH)in distress; answer me quickly.
18 Come near to my soul and (AI)redeem it;
(AJ)Ransom me because of my enemies!
19 You know my (AK)disgrace, my shame, and my dishonor;
All my enemies are [i]known to You.

20 Disgrace has (AL)broken my heart, and I am so sick.
And (AM)I waited for sympathy, but there was none;
And for (AN)comforters, but I found none.
21 They also gave me [j](AO)a bitter herb in my food,
And for my thirst they (AP)gave me vinegar to drink.

22 May (AQ)their table before them become a snare;
And [k](AR)when they are at peace, may it become a trap.
23 May their (AS)eyes grow dim so that they cannot see,
And make their (AT)hips shake continually.
24 (AU)Pour out Your indignation on them,
And may Your burning anger overtake them.
25 May their [l](AV)camp be desolated;
May there be none living in their tents.
26 For they have (AW)persecuted him whom (AX)You Yourself struck,
And they tell of the pain of those whom (AY)You have [m]wounded.
27 Add (AZ)guilt to their guilt,
And (BA)may they not come into (BB)Your righteousness.
28 May they be (BC)wiped out of the (BD)book of life,
And may they not be [n](BE)recorded with the righteous.

29 But I am (BF)afflicted and in pain;
[o]May Your salvation, God, (BG)set me safely on high.
30 I will (BH)praise the name of God with song,
And (BI)exalt Him with (BJ)thanksgiving.
31 And it will (BK)please the Lord better than an ox
Or bull with horns and hoofs.
32 The (BL)humble [p]have seen it and are glad;
You who seek God, (BM)let your heart [q]revive.
33 For (BN)the Lord hears the needy,
And (BO)does not despise those of His who are prisoners.

34 (BP)Heaven and earth shall praise Him,
The seas and (BQ)everything that moves in them.
35 For God will (BR)save Zion and (BS)build the cities of Judah,
So that they may live there and (BT)possess it.
36 The [r](BU)descendants of His servants will inherit it,
And those who love His name (BV)will live in it.


  1. Psalm 69 Title Or possibly Lilies
  2. Psalm 69:1 Lit come up to my soul
  3. Psalm 69:2 Lit flowing stream
  4. Psalm 69:4 Or silence
  5. Psalm 69:6 Heb YHWH, usually rendered Lord
  6. Psalm 69:8 Lit to
  7. Psalm 69:13 Or the faithfulness of Your salvation
  8. Psalm 69:15 Lit stream
  9. Psalm 69:19 Lit before You
  10. Psalm 69:21 Or poison
  11. Psalm 69:22 Lit for those who are secure
  12. Psalm 69:25 Lit encampment
  13. Psalm 69:26 Lit pierced
  14. Psalm 69:28 Lit written
  15. Psalm 69:29 Or Your salvation, O God, will set...
  16. Psalm 69:32 Some mss and ancient versions will see
  17. Psalm 69:32 Or live
  18. Psalm 69:36 Lit seed

Prayer for Help against Persecutors.

For the music director. A Psalm of David; for a memorial.

70 (A)God, hurry to save me;
Lord, hurry to help me!
(B)May those who seek my [a]life
Be put to shame and humiliated;
May those who delight [b]in my harm
Be turned back and dishonored.
(C)May those who say, “Aha, aha!” be [c]turned back
Because of their shame.

May all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You;
And may those who love Your salvation say continually,
“May God be exalted!”
But (D)I am afflicted and needy;
(E)Hurry to me, God!
You are my help and my savior;
Lord, do not delay.


  1. Psalm 70:2 Or soul
  2. Psalm 70:2 Or to injure me
  3. Psalm 70:3 Some mss appalled

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