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[a] A song of David.

25 Lord, I put my life in your hands.[b]
    I trust in you, my God,
and I will not be disappointed.
    My enemies will not laugh at me.
No one who trusts in you will be disappointed.
    But disappointment will come to those who try to deceive others.
    They will get nothing.

Lord, help me learn your ways.
    Show me how you want me to live.
Guide me and teach me your truths.
    You are my God, my Savior.
    You are the one I have been waiting for.
Remember to be kind to me, Lord.
    Show me the tender love that you have always had.
Don’t remember the sinful things I did when I was young.
    Because you are good, Lord, remember me with your faithful love.

The Lord is good and does what is right.
    He shows sinners the right way to live.
He teaches his ways to humble people.
    He leads them with fairness.
10 The Lord is kind and true to those
    who obey what he said in his agreement.

11 Lord, I have done many wrong things.
    But I ask you to forgive them all to show your goodness.

12 When people choose to follow the Lord,
    he shows them the best way to live.
13 They will enjoy good things,
    and their children will get the land God promised.
14 The Lord tells his secrets to his followers.
    He teaches them about his agreement.
15 I always look to the Lord for help.
    Only he can free me from my troubles.[c]

16 I am hurt and lonely.
    Turn to me, and show me mercy.
17 Free me from my troubles.
    Help me solve my problems.
18 Look at my trials and troubles.
    Forgive me for all the sins I have done.
19 Look at all the enemies I have.
    They hate me and want to hurt me.
20 Protect me! Save me from them!
    I come to you for protection, so don’t let me be disappointed.
21 You are good and do what is right.
    I trust you to protect me.
22 God, save the people of Israel
    from all their enemies.

A song of David.

26 Lord, you be the judge and prove that I have lived a pure life.
    I have depended on you, Lord, to keep me from falling.
Look closely at me, Lord, and test me.
    Judge my deepest thoughts and emotions.
I always remember your faithful love.
    I depend on your faithfulness.
I don’t run around with troublemakers.
    I have nothing to do with hypocrites.
I hate being around evil people.
    I refuse to join those gangs of crooks.

Lord, I wash my hands to make myself pure,
    so that I can come to your altar.
I sing a song to give you thanks,
    and I tell about all the wonderful things you have done.
Lord, I love the house[d] where you live,
    the place where your glory is.

Lord, don’t treat me like one of those sinners.
    Don’t kill me with those murderers.
10 They are guilty of cheating people.
    They take bribes to do wrong.
11 But I am innocent,
    so be kind to me and save me.
12 I am safe from all danger
    as I stand here praising you, Lord, in the assembly of your people.


  1. Psalm 25:1 Psalm 25 In Hebrew, each verse in this psalm begins with the next letter of the alphabet.
  2. Psalm 25:1 I put … hands Literally, “I lift my soul to you.”
  3. Psalm 25:15 Only … troubles Literally, “For he will remove my feet from the net.”
  4. Psalm 26:8 house Or “Temple.” See “Temple” in the Word List.

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