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12 Glorify the Lord, Jerusalem;
    Zion, offer praise to your God,
13 For he has strengthened the bars of your gates,
    blessed your children within you.(A)

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14 He brings peace to your borders,
    and satisfies you with finest wheat.(A)
15 [a]He sends his command to earth;
    his word runs swiftly!(B)

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  1. 147:15–19 God speaks through the thunder of nature and the word of revealed law, cf. Is 55:10–11. The weather phenomena are well known in Jerusalem: a blizzard of snow and hail followed by a thunderstorm that melts the ice.

19 He proclaims his word to Jacob,
    his statutes and laws to Israel.(A)
20 He has not done this for any other nation;
    of such laws they know nothing.

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