Psalm 106(A)

Praise the Lord.[a](B)

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;(C)
    his love endures forever.(D)

Who can proclaim the mighty acts(E) of the Lord
    or fully declare his praise?
Blessed are those who act justly,(F)
    who always do what is right.(G)

Remember me,(H) Lord, when you show favor(I) to your people,
    come to my aid(J) when you save them,
that I may enjoy the prosperity(K) of your chosen ones,(L)
    that I may share in the joy(M) of your nation
    and join your inheritance(N) in giving praise.

We have sinned,(O) even as our ancestors(P) did;
    we have done wrong and acted wickedly.(Q)
When our ancestors were in Egypt,
    they gave no thought(R) to your miracles;
they did not remember(S) your many kindnesses,
    and they rebelled by the sea,(T) the Red Sea.[b]
Yet he saved them(U) for his name’s sake,(V)
    to make his mighty power(W) known.
He rebuked(X) the Red Sea, and it dried up;(Y)
    he led them through(Z) the depths as through a desert.
10 He saved them(AA) from the hand of the foe;(AB)
    from the hand of the enemy he redeemed them.(AC)
11 The waters covered(AD) their adversaries;
    not one of them survived.
12 Then they believed his promises
    and sang his praise.(AE)

13 But they soon forgot(AF) what he had done
    and did not wait for his plan to unfold.(AG)
14 In the desert(AH) they gave in to their craving;
    in the wilderness(AI) they put God to the test.(AJ)
15 So he gave them(AK) what they asked for,
    but sent a wasting disease(AL) among them.

16 In the camp they grew envious(AM) of Moses
    and of Aaron, who was consecrated to the Lord.
17 The earth opened(AN) up and swallowed Dathan;(AO)
    it buried the company of Abiram.(AP)
18 Fire blazed(AQ) among their followers;
    a flame consumed the wicked.
19 At Horeb they made a calf(AR)
    and worshiped an idol cast from metal.
20 They exchanged their glorious God(AS)
    for an image of a bull, which eats grass.
21 They forgot the God(AT) who saved them,
    who had done great things(AU) in Egypt,
22 miracles in the land of Ham(AV)
    and awesome deeds(AW) by the Red Sea.
23 So he said he would destroy(AX) them—
    had not Moses, his chosen one,
stood in the breach(AY) before him
    to keep his wrath from destroying them.

24 Then they despised(AZ) the pleasant land;(BA)
    they did not believe(BB) his promise.
25 They grumbled(BC) in their tents
    and did not obey the Lord.
26 So he swore(BD) to them with uplifted hand
    that he would make them fall in the wilderness,(BE)
27 make their descendants fall among the nations
    and scatter(BF) them throughout the lands.

28 They yoked themselves to the Baal of Peor(BG)
    and ate sacrifices offered to lifeless gods;
29 they aroused the Lord’s anger(BH) by their wicked deeds,(BI)
    and a plague(BJ) broke out among them.
30 But Phinehas(BK) stood up and intervened,
    and the plague was checked.(BL)
31 This was credited to him(BM) as righteousness
    for endless generations(BN) to come.
32 By the waters of Meribah(BO) they angered the Lord,
    and trouble came to Moses because of them;
33 for they rebelled(BP) against the Spirit(BQ) of God,
    and rash words came from Moses’ lips.[c](BR)

34 They did not destroy(BS) the peoples
    as the Lord had commanded(BT) them,
35 but they mingled(BU) with the nations
    and adopted their customs.
36 They worshiped their idols,(BV)
    which became a snare(BW) to them.
37 They sacrificed their sons(BX)
    and their daughters to false gods.(BY)
38 They shed innocent blood,
    the blood of their sons(BZ) and daughters,
whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan,
    and the land was desecrated by their blood.
39 They defiled themselves(CA) by what they did;
    by their deeds they prostituted(CB) themselves.

40 Therefore the Lord was angry(CC) with his people
    and abhorred his inheritance.(CD)
41 He gave them into the hands(CE) of the nations,
    and their foes ruled over them.
42 Their enemies oppressed(CF) them
    and subjected them to their power.
43 Many times he delivered them,(CG)
    but they were bent on rebellion(CH)
    and they wasted away in their sin.
44 Yet he took note of their distress
    when he heard their cry;(CI)
45 for their sake he remembered his covenant(CJ)
    and out of his great love(CK) he relented.(CL)
46 He caused all who held them captive
    to show them mercy.(CM)

47 Save us,(CN) Lord our God,
    and gather us(CO) from the nations,
that we may give thanks(CP) to your holy name(CQ)
    and glory in your praise.

48 Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel,
    from everlasting to everlasting.

Let all the people say, “Amen!”(CR)

Praise the Lord.


Psalms 107–150

Psalm 107

Give thanks to the Lord,(CS) for he is good;(CT)
    his love endures forever.

Let the redeemed(CU) of the Lord tell their story—
    those he redeemed from the hand of the foe,
those he gathered(CV) from the lands,
    from east and west, from north and south.[d]

Some wandered in desert(CW) wastelands,
    finding no way to a city(CX) where they could settle.
They were hungry(CY) and thirsty,(CZ)
    and their lives ebbed away.
Then they cried out(DA) to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he delivered them from their distress.
He led them by a straight way(DB)
    to a city(DC) where they could settle.
Let them give thanks(DD) to the Lord for his unfailing love(DE)
    and his wonderful deeds(DF) for mankind,
for he satisfies(DG) the thirsty
    and fills the hungry with good things.(DH)

10 Some sat in darkness,(DI) in utter darkness,
    prisoners suffering(DJ) in iron chains,(DK)
11 because they rebelled(DL) against God’s commands
    and despised(DM) the plans(DN) of the Most High.
12 So he subjected them to bitter labor;
    they stumbled, and there was no one to help.(DO)
13 Then they cried to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he saved them(DP) from their distress.
14 He brought them out of darkness,(DQ) the utter darkness,(DR)
    and broke away their chains.(DS)
15 Let them give thanks(DT) to the Lord for his unfailing love(DU)
    and his wonderful deeds(DV) for mankind,
16 for he breaks down gates of bronze
    and cuts through bars of iron.

17 Some became fools(DW) through their rebellious ways(DX)
    and suffered affliction(DY) because of their iniquities.
18 They loathed all food(DZ)
    and drew near the gates of death.(EA)
19 Then they cried(EB) to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he saved them(EC) from their distress.
20 He sent out his word(ED) and healed them;(EE)
    he rescued(EF) them from the grave.(EG)
21 Let them give thanks(EH) to the Lord for his unfailing love(EI)
    and his wonderful deeds(EJ) for mankind.
22 Let them sacrifice thank offerings(EK)
    and tell of his works(EL) with songs of joy.(EM)

23 Some went out on the sea(EN) in ships;(EO)
    they were merchants on the mighty waters.
24 They saw the works of the Lord,(EP)
    his wonderful deeds in the deep.
25 For he spoke(EQ) and stirred up a tempest(ER)
    that lifted high the waves.(ES)
26 They mounted up to the heavens and went down to the depths;
    in their peril(ET) their courage melted(EU) away.
27 They reeled(EV) and staggered like drunkards;
    they were at their wits’ end.
28 Then they cried(EW) out to the Lord in their trouble,
    and he brought them out of their distress.(EX)
29 He stilled the storm(EY) to a whisper;
    the waves(EZ) of the sea[e] were hushed.(FA)
30 They were glad when it grew calm,
    and he guided them(FB) to their desired haven.
31 Let them give thanks(FC) to the Lord for his unfailing love(FD)
    and his wonderful deeds(FE) for mankind.
32 Let them exalt(FF) him in the assembly(FG) of the people
    and praise him in the council of the elders.

33 He turned rivers into a desert,(FH)
    flowing springs(FI) into thirsty ground,
34 and fruitful land into a salt waste,(FJ)
    because of the wickedness of those who lived there.
35 He turned the desert into pools of water(FK)
    and the parched ground into flowing springs;(FL)
36 there he brought the hungry to live,
    and they founded a city where they could settle.
37 They sowed fields and planted vineyards(FM)
    that yielded a fruitful harvest;
38 he blessed them, and their numbers greatly increased,(FN)
    and he did not let their herds diminish.(FO)

39 Then their numbers decreased,(FP) and they were humbled(FQ)
    by oppression, calamity and sorrow;
40 he who pours contempt on nobles(FR)
    made them wander in a trackless waste.(FS)
41 But he lifted the needy(FT) out of their affliction
    and increased their families like flocks.(FU)
42 The upright see and rejoice,(FV)
    but all the wicked shut their mouths.(FW)

43 Let the one who is wise(FX) heed these things
    and ponder the loving deeds(FY) of the Lord.

Psalm 108[f](FZ)(GA)

A song. A psalm of David.

My heart, O God, is steadfast;(GB)
    I will sing(GC) and make music with all my soul.
Awake, harp and lyre!(GD)
    I will awaken the dawn.
I will praise you, Lord, among the nations;
    I will sing of you among the peoples.
For great is your love,(GE) higher than the heavens;
    your faithfulness(GF) reaches to the skies.(GG)
Be exalted, O God, above the heavens;(GH)
    let your glory be over all the earth.(GI)

Save us and help us with your right hand,(GJ)
    that those you love may be delivered.
God has spoken(GK) from his sanctuary:(GL)
    “In triumph I will parcel out Shechem(GM)
    and measure off the Valley of Sukkoth.(GN)
Gilead is mine, Manasseh is mine;
    Ephraim is my helmet,
    Judah(GO) is my scepter.
Moab(GP) is my washbasin,
    on Edom(GQ) I toss my sandal;
    over Philistia(GR) I shout in triumph.”

10 Who will bring me to the fortified city?
    Who will lead me to Edom?
11 Is it not you, God, you who have rejected us
    and no longer go out with our armies?(GS)
12 Give us aid against the enemy,
    for human help is worthless.(GT)
13 With God we will gain the victory,
    and he will trample down(GU) our enemies.

Psalm 109

For the director of music. Of David. A psalm.

My God, whom I praise,(GV)
    do not remain silent,(GW)
for people who are wicked and deceitful(GX)
    have opened their mouths against me;
    they have spoken against me with lying tongues.(GY)
With words of hatred(GZ) they surround me;
    they attack me without cause.(HA)
In return for my friendship they accuse me,
    but I am a man of prayer.(HB)
They repay me evil for good,(HC)
    and hatred for my friendship.

Appoint someone evil to oppose my enemy;
    let an accuser(HD) stand at his right hand.
When he is tried, let him be found guilty,(HE)
    and may his prayers condemn(HF) him.
May his days be few;(HG)
    may another take his place(HH) of leadership.
May his children be fatherless
    and his wife a widow.(HI)
10 May his children be wandering beggars;(HJ)
    may they be driven[g] from their ruined homes.
11 May a creditor(HK) seize all he has;
    may strangers plunder(HL) the fruits of his labor.(HM)
12 May no one extend kindness to him
    or take pity(HN) on his fatherless children.
13 May his descendants be cut off,(HO)
    their names blotted out(HP) from the next generation.
14 May the iniquity of his fathers(HQ) be remembered before the Lord;
    may the sin of his mother never be blotted out.
15 May their sins always remain before(HR) the Lord,
    that he may blot out their name(HS) from the earth.

16 For he never thought of doing a kindness,
    but hounded to death the poor
    and the needy(HT) and the brokenhearted.(HU)
17 He loved to pronounce a curse—
    may it come back on him.(HV)
He found no pleasure in blessing—
    may it be far from him.
18 He wore cursing(HW) as his garment;
    it entered into his body like water,(HX)
    into his bones like oil.
19 May it be like a cloak wrapped(HY) about him,
    like a belt tied forever around him.
20 May this be the Lord’s payment(HZ) to my accusers,
    to those who speak evil(IA) of me.

21 But you, Sovereign Lord,
    help me for your name’s sake;(IB)
    out of the goodness of your love,(IC) deliver me.(ID)
22 For I am poor and needy,
    and my heart is wounded within me.
23 I fade away like an evening shadow;(IE)
    I am shaken off like a locust.
24 My knees give(IF) way from fasting;(IG)
    my body is thin and gaunt.(IH)
25 I am an object of scorn(II) to my accusers;
    when they see me, they shake their heads.(IJ)

26 Help me,(IK) Lord my God;
    save me according to your unfailing love.
27 Let them know(IL) that it is your hand,
    that you, Lord, have done it.
28 While they curse,(IM) may you bless;
    may those who attack me be put to shame,
    but may your servant rejoice.(IN)
29 May my accusers be clothed with disgrace
    and wrapped in shame(IO) as in a cloak.

30 With my mouth I will greatly extol the Lord;
    in the great throng(IP) of worshipers I will praise him.
31 For he stands at the right hand(IQ) of the needy,
    to save their lives from those who would condemn them.


  1. Psalm 106:1 Hebrew Hallelu Yah; also in verse 48
  2. Psalm 106:7 Or the Sea of Reeds; also in verses 9 and 22
  3. Psalm 106:33 Or against his spirit, / and rash words came from his lips
  4. Psalm 107:3 Hebrew north and the sea
  5. Psalm 107:29 Dead Sea Scrolls; Masoretic Text / their waves
  6. Psalm 108:1 In Hebrew texts 108:1-13 is numbered 108:2-14.
  7. Psalm 109:10 Septuagint; Hebrew sought

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