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Thanks to God for the Way He Judges

I will give thanks to the Lord with all my heart. I will tell of all the great things You have done. I will be glad and full of joy because of You. I will sing praise to Your name, O Most High. When those who hate me turn away, they fall and are lost from You. For You have stood by my right actions. You sit on Your throne, and are right in how You judge. You have spoken sharp words to the nations and have destroyed the sinful. You have thrown out their name forever and ever. Those who fight against You are finished forever. You have destroyed their cities. They will be remembered no more. But the Lord lives forever. He has set up His throne to say who is guilty or not. He will punish the world by what is right. He will be fair as He rules the people.

The Lord also keeps safe those who suffer. He is a safe place in times of trouble. 10 Those who know Your name will put their trust in You. For You, O Lord, have never left alone those who look for You. 11 Sing praises to the Lord, Who lives in Zion! Tell all the nations what He has done! 12 For He Who punishes for the blood of another remembers them. He does not forget the cry of those who suffer. 13 Have pity on me, O Lord! See how I suffer from those who hate me, You Who have lifted me up from the gates of death, 14 that I may tell of all Your praises in the gates of the people of Zion. There I will be full of joy because You save.

15 The nations have fallen into the hole they have dug. Their own feet have been caught in the net they have hidden. 16 The Lord has made Himself known. He is fair in His Law. The sinful trap themselves by the work of their own hands. 17 The sinful, all the nations that forget God, will be turned back into the grave.

18 But those in need will not always be forgotten. The hope of the poor will not be lost forever. 19 Rise up, O Lord! Do not let man win the fight against You. Let the nations come to You and be judged. 20 Make them afraid, O Lord. Let the nations know they are only men.