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(A special psalm by Ethan the Ezrahite.)

The Lord's Agreement with David

(A) Our Lord, I will sing
    of your love forever.
Everyone yet to be born
will hear me praise
    your faithfulness.
I will tell them, “God's love
    can always be trusted,
and his faithfulness lasts
    as long as the heavens.”

You said, “David, my servant,
    is my chosen one,
and this is the agreement
    I made with him:
(B) David, one of your descendants
    will always be king.”

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15 Our Lord, you bless those
    who join in the festival
and walk in the brightness
    of your presence.
16 We are happy all day
    because of you,
and your saving power
    brings honor to us.
17 Your own glorious power
    makes us strong,
and because of your kindness,
    our strength increases.
18 Our Lord and our King,
the Holy One of Israel,
    you are truly our shield.

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