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(A psalm by Asaph for the music leader. To the tune “Lilies of the Agreement.”)

Help Our Nation

80 Shepherd of Israel, you lead
    the descendants of Joseph,
and you sit on your throne
    above the winged creatures.[a]
Listen to our prayer
    and let your light shine
    for the tribes of Ephraim,
Benjamin, and Manasseh.
    Save us by your power.

Our God, make us strong again!
    Smile on us and save us.

Lord God All-Powerful,
    how much longer
    will the prayers of your people
    make you angry?
You gave us tears for food,
    and you made us drink them
    by the bowlful.
Because of you,
our enemies who live nearby
    laugh and joke about us.
But if you smile on us,
    we will be saved.

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  1. 80.1 winged creatures: Two winged creatures made of gold were on the top of the sacred chest and were symbols of the Lord’s throne on earth (see Exodus 25.18).

17 But help the one who sits
    at your right side,[a]
    the one you raised
    to be your own.
18 Then we will never turn away.
    Put new life into us,
    and we will worship you.

19 Lord God All-Powerful,
make us strong again!
    Smile on us and save us.

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  1. 80.17 right side: See the note at 16.11.