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Psalm 74 Expanded Bible (EXB)

A Nation in Trouble Prays

A ·maskil [skillful psalm; meditation] of Asaph [C a Levitical musician, a descendant of Gershon, at the time of David; 1 Chr. 6:39; 15:17; 2 Chr. 5:12].

74 God, why have you rejected us ·for so long [forever]?
    Why ·are you angry with us, [L does your anger smoke against] the sheep of your pasture [100:3]?
Remember the ·people [assembly; congregation] you ·bought [acquired] long ago.
    You ·saved [redeemed] us, and we are ·your very own [L the tribe of your inheritance].
    After all, you live on Mount Zion.
·Make your way [Direct your steps] through ·these old [or the utter] ruins;
    the enemy ·wrecked [destroyed] everything in the ·Temple [sanctuary; Holy Place; C perhaps a reference to the Babylonian destruction of the Temple; 2 Kin. 25:8–21; 2 Chr. 36:17–21; Lam. 2:6].

Those who were against you ·shouted [roared] in your meeting place
    and ·raised their flags [L set their signs as signs] there.
·They came with axes raised [or They hacked at the upper entrances]
    as if to cut down a forest of trees.
They ·smashed [beat to pieces] the ·carved [engraved] panels
    with their axes and ·hatchets [crowbars].
They ·burned your Temple to the ground [L set your sanctuary/Holy Place on fire];
    they have made the ·place where you live [L residence of your name] ·unclean [profane].
They ·thought [L said in their hearts], “We will completely crush them!”
    They burned ·every place where God was worshiped [L all the meeting places of God] in the land.
We do not see any signs.
    There are no more prophets [C who can tell them what will happen],
    and no one knows how long this will last.
10 God, how much longer will the enemy ·make fun of [scorn] you?
    Will they ·insult [revile] ·you [L your name] forever?
11 Why do you ·hold back your power [L return your hand]?
    ·Bring your power out in the open [L Take your right hand out of your bosom] and ·destroy [annihilate] them!

12 God, you have been our king ·for a long time [of old; Ex. 15:18].
    You bring ·salvation [victory] to the earth.
13 You split open the sea by your power
    and broke the heads of the sea monster [C an ancient Near Eastern symbol of chaos].
14 You ·smashed [crushed in pieces] the heads of the monster Leviathan [C a sea monster and symbol of chaos; 104:26; Job 3:8; 41:1; Is. 27:1]
    and gave it to the ·desert [wilderness] creatures as food.
15 You ·opened up [split] the springs and ·streams [wadis]
    and made the flowing rivers run dry.
16 Both the day and the night are yours;
    you made the sun and the moon [Gen. 1:14–18].
17 You set all the ·limits [borders] on the earth;
    you ·created [formed] summer and winter [104:19–23; Gen. 8:22].

18 Lord, remember how the enemy ·insulted [scorned] you.
    Remember how those foolish people ·made fun of you [L reviled your name].
19 Do not give us, your doves, to those wild animals.
    Never forget your poor people.
20 ·Remember [Regard] the ·agreement [covenant] you made with us,
    because violence fills every dark corner of this land.
21 Do not let your ·suffering [crushed] people be ·disgraced [humiliated].
    Let the poor and ·helpless [needy] praise ·you [L your name].
22 God, arise and ·defend [contend for] yourself.
    Remember the ·insults [scorn] that come from those foolish people all day long.
23 Don’t forget what your enemies said;
    don’t forget their roar as they rise against you always.

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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