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(By David for the music leader. To the tune “Lilies.”)

God Can Be Trusted

Save me, God!
    I am about to drown.
I am sinking deep in the mud,
    and my feet are slipping.
I am about to be swept under
    by a mighty flood.
I am worn out from crying,
    and my throat is dry.
I have waited for you
    till my eyes are blurred.

(A) There are more people
    who hate me for no reason
than there are hairs
    on my head.
Many terrible enemies
    want to destroy me, God.
Am I supposed to give back
    something I didn't steal?
You know my foolish sins.
    Not one is hidden from you.

Lord God All-Powerful,
    ruler of Israel,
don't let me embarrass anyone
    who trusts and worships you.
It is for your sake alone
that I am insulted
    and blush with shame.
I am like a stranger
    to my relatives
and like a foreigner
    to my own family.

(B) My love for your house
    burns in me like a fire,
and when others insult you,
    they insulted me as well.
10 I cried and went without food,[a]
    but they still insulted me.
11 They sneered at me
for wearing sackcloth[b]
    to show my sorrow.
12 Rulers and judges gossip
    about me,
and drunkards make up songs
    to mock me.

13 But I pray to you, Lord.
    So when the time is right,
answer me and help me
    with your wonderful love.
14 Don't let me sink in the mud,
but save me from my enemies
    and from the deep water.
15 Don't let me be
    swept away by a flood
    or drowned in the ocean
    or swallowed by death.

16 Answer me, Lord!
    You are kind and good.
Pay attention to me!
    You are truly merciful.
17 Don't turn away from me.
I am your servant,
    and I am in trouble.
Please hurry and help!
18 Come and save me
    from my enemies.

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  1. 69.10 went without food: See the note at 35.13.
  2. 69.11 sackcloth: See the note at 30.11.

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