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A Hymn of Thanksgiving

For the director of music. A psalm of David. A song.

65 God, ·you will be praised in Jerusalem [L praise is due/proper/ fitting to you in Zion; C the location of the Temple].
    We will ·keep our promises [fulfill our vows] to you.
You ·hear [or answer] our prayers.
    All ·people [L flesh] will come to you.
Our guilt ·overwhelms [overpowers] us,
    but you ·forgive [wipe/blot out; make atonement for] our ·sins [transgressions].
·Happy [Blessed] are the people you choose
    and ·invite [L bring near] to stay in your court.
We are ·filled [satisfied] with good things in your house,
    your holy Temple.

You answer us in amazing ways with ·vindication [victory; righteousness],
    God our ·Savior [Victor].
People ·everywhere on [L of all the ends of] the earth
    and ·beyond the sea [L the farthest seas] ·trust [have confidence in] you.
You ·made [established] the mountains by your strength;
    you are ·dressed [girded; armed] in power.
You ·stopped [silence; calm] the roaring seas,
    the roaring waves [C representing chaos],
    and the ·uproar [tumult] of the ·nations [peoples].
Even those people at the ends of the earth fear your ·miracles [signs].
    You are praised from ·where the sun rises [the east; L the gateways of the morning] to ·where it sets [the west; L evening].

You ·take care of [visit] the land and water it;
    you make it very ·fertile [rich].
The ·rivers [channels] of God are full of water.
    Grain grows because you make it grow.
10 You send rain to the plowed fields;
    you ·fill the rows with water [level its ridges].
You soften the ground with rain,
    and then you bless ·it with crops [its growth].
11 You ·give [L crown] the year ·a good harvest [L with your goodness/bounty],
    and ·you load the wagons with many crops [L your wagon tracks/ruts drip with plenty].
12 The ·desert [wilderness] ·is covered [drips] with ·grass [pasturage]
    and the hills with happiness.
13 The ·pastures [meadows] are ·full of [L clothed with] flocks,
    and the valleys are ·covered [wrapped] with grain.
Everything shouts and sings for joy.

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