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10 Bride of the king,
    listen carefully to me.
Forget your own people
and your father's family. 11     The king adores you.
He is your master,
    so do what he desires.
12 All of the richest people
    from the city of Tyre
will try to influence you
13     with precious treasures.

Your bride, my king,
    has inward beauty,[a]
and her wedding gown is woven
    with threads of gold.
14 Wearing the finest garments,
    she is brought to you,
followed by her young friends,
    the bridesmaids.
15 Everyone is excited,
as they follow you
    to the royal palace.

16 Your sons and your grandsons
will also be kings
    as your ancestors were.
You will make them rulers
    everywhere on earth.

17 I will make your name famous
    from now on,
and you will be praised
    forever and ever.

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  1. 45.13 has inward beauty: Or “is dressed in her room.”

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