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(A psalm by David for the music leader. To the tune “A Deer at Dawn.”)

Suffering and Praise

(A) My God, my God, why have you
    deserted me?
Why are you so far away?
Won't you listen to my groans
    and come to my rescue?
I cry out day and night,
but you don't answer,
    and I can never rest.

Yet you are the holy God,
ruling from your throne
    and praised by Israel.
(B) Our ancestors trusted you,
    and you rescued them.
When they cried out for help,
    you saved them,
and you did not let them down
    when they depended on you.

But I am merely a worm,
    far less than human,
and I am hated and rejected
    by people everywhere.
(C) Everyone who sees me
    makes fun and sneers.
They shake their heads,
    (D) and say, “Trust the Lord!
If you are his favorite,
let him protect you
    and keep you safe.”

You, Lord, brought me
    safely through birth,
and you protected me
when I was a baby
    at my mother's breast.
10 From the day I was born,
    I have been in your care,
and from the time of my birth,
    you have been my God.

11 Don't stay far off
when I am in trouble
    with no one to help me.
12 Enemies are all around
    like a herd of wild bulls.
Powerful bulls from Bashan[a]
    are everywhere.
13 My enemies are like lions
roaring and attacking
    with jaws open wide.

14 I have no more strength
    than a few drops of water.
All my bones are out of joint;
    my heart is like melted wax.
15 My strength has dried up
    like a broken clay pot,
and my tongue sticks
    to the roof of my mouth.
You, God, have left me
    to die in the dirt.

16 Brutal enemies attack me
    like a pack of dogs,
tearing at[b] my hands
    and my feet.
17 I can count all my bones,
and my enemies just stare
    and sneer at me.
18 (E) They took my clothes
    and gambled for them.

19 Don't stay far away, Lord!
My strength comes from you,
    so hurry and help.
20 Rescue me from enemy swords
and save me from those dogs.
21     Don't let lions eat me.

You rescued me from the horns
    of wild bulls,

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  1. 22.12 Bashan: A land east of the Jordan River, where there were pastures suitable for raising fine cattle.
  2. 22.16 tearing at: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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